The Guardian Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Outside broadcast for scale 8 letters ALFRESCO
In retrospect young man’s fine cutting corners 5 letters NOOKS
Bar room finally has cordon bleu cooking 4 letters SNUG
A binman on working with a womble describes small mythical creature 10 letters ABOMINABLE
On the counter say with peppers filling dish 6 letters STODGE
Queen’s duty-bound to practice 8 letters EXERCISE
See 11 7 letters SNOWMAN
4 down 1 to go — lay waste 7 letters CORRODE
Expert politician Kennedy could be motivated 8 letters PROMPTED
Oil producer’s assets essentially unchanged 6 letters SESAME
Weirdly I censor intern after dismissing the news desk 10 letters ESCRITOIRE
Ages in Westgate-on-Sea 4 letters EONS
Pass leads to simple poacher’s goal 5 letters SPEND
First to move on from Cream ? 8 letters OFFWHITE
Drifters not mountain climbing around North Korea’s capital 8 letters PLANKTON
King wearing obscure jumper 4 letters FROG
Copy key to open bolt 6 letters ESCAPE
Singer’s first disc rising to second place — official! 7 letters CORONER
Perhaps Rupert Pupkin’s on the air somehow 8 letters ANTIHERO
90% discount on opening of neighbourhood business — approach succeeded — they make some noise 10 letters VOCALCORDS
Songs of praise revealed second thoughts over charity 6 letters PSALMS
Investing own money in bad film is common 10 letters DOWNMARKET
Uncover fatty bits with topless risqué pose 8 letters ATTITUDE
Military Intelligence inside give command 8 letters DOMINATE
Guide for audience to put on face mask 7 letters ADVISOR
Weather is interrupting break 6 letters RESIST
Bundles that man and a female on board ship 6 letters SHEAFS
All wanting a ring to copy 4 letters ECHO

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