The Guardian Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Unused neck dressing suitable for some joints 9 letters MINTSAUCE
What tallyman might cut other than church? 5 letters NOTCH
Scorer from Harlem briefly in action 5 letters LEHAR
Shylock in serial increasingly tight 9 letters SLENDERER
Drain liquid that’s rising in spring 3 letters SAP
GP innovates flying flag 11 letters PAVINGSTONE
Herald left getting wind up 7 letters PORTEND
Small section of plant making publicity material 7 letters LEAFLET
Is son donning legendary footballer’s mantle? 7 letters PELISSE
What’s possible after media persevere 7 letters PRESSON
Willing worker’s average beer supply 11 letters
Kitty’s drug 3 letters POT
Decking put Royal Navy crew in a spot 9 letters ADORNMENT
Grand party where we may well end up? 5 letters GRAVE
Fruit marmalade primarily filling Christmas turnover 5 letters LEMON
Speeches from Congress 9 letters RELATIONS
Nancy takes advantage of work 7 letters MILKSOP
Dud mobile phone operator cleared out 7 letters NOHOPER
Cabaret artist has problem supporting band 11 letters STRIPTEASER
Invest in fund losing capital like many Titanic passengers 7 letters UNSAVED
Constantly going outside to cast vote 7 letters ETERNAL
Daughter running up to give assent 3 letters NOD
Rum drunk during work causes uproar 7 letters TURMOIL
Gather in rushes around five tons 7 letters HARVEST
Arrange contest admitting Rocky’s initial reluctance to go on 11 letters STAGEFRIGHT
Win through before onset of vocal trouble 7 letters PREVAIL
Bait listener raising master argument 7 letters LUGWORM
It’s said I tolerate my contacts for instance 7 letters EYEWEAR
Critical comrade impounding four books 7 letters PIVOTAL
Singer in musical production heartlessly cutting second number 7 letters SOPRANO
Jack avoids toads and rabbits 7 letters NATTERS
Stern Unitarian keeping woman in order 3 letters NUN

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