The Guardian Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Vice squad heartily entertained — say no more! 6 letters CLAMUP
Position not conducive to firing CO? 8 letters HALFCOCK
He’s out free to work where 8 is 8 letters HOUSETOP
Time perhaps Hamlet returned? So it is 6 letters TRAGIC
Rows in Costa following this order 12 letters
Finishing early read up on boss 4 letters STUD
An achievement of course — yes picked up a good looker 8 letters EAGLEEYE
Runs through a tunnel breaking out (not yet discovered) 8 letters UNLEARNT
Mysterious travellers returned from occupying country 4 letters UFOS
Main treatment centre 12 letters HOSPITALSHIP
Fury over Rex playing a stage villain 6 letters VIRAGO
Suddenly got nasty with a small number 8 letters TURNEDON
Heading off one subsidising fellow journalist short of fare 8 letters UNDERFED
Repeat right away what’s left 6 letters ESTATE
Spoils look of tin-openers 4 letters LOOT
Deal inappropriately with the Wolverine State 9 letters MISHANDLE
Little boy is holding it 6 letters PETITE
Not on — Telegraph evidently worried showed sign of panic 15 letters
Left with broken heart — man you dumped not wanting to do anything 8 letters LETHARGY
An animal in bed (one having taken Viagra finally) 5 letters COATI
Child one is longing to lift up to secure access to Santa? 10 letters CHIMNEYPOT
Strangely resonant — it is loud 10 letters STENTORIAN
Stuff it!’ — Queen unhappily entertaining Johnson 9 letters EQUIPMENT
Crooked aristocrat caught — one beyond redemption 8 letters WRITEOFF
It should be paid daily (gets 50% off) 6 letters CHARGE
When there’s no actual fighting he’s great in the gym 5 letters PEACE
Presenter short so had to show up 4 letters HOST

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