The Guardian Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

On blacklist a so-called piece of music creation of 22 12 letters
Chick egg by the look of it left in rain 5 letters OWLET
Where British hikers might go wild in a wood then race over mountain into 22’s quarry? 9 letters SNOWDONIA
Note bit lower? 7 letters JOTDOWN
Fire for example in electrical component? 7 letters ELEMENT
Tango in ballroom dancing women’s ultimate hit? 10 letters MORTALBLOW
See 10 4 letters PARK
Character also falling sick after Jack? 4 letters JILL
Punch buffoon grabbing bully from behind creation of 22 10 letters JABBERWOCK
Wheels turn for author 7 letters CARROLL
Pasture in impermissible scene 7 letters TABLEAU
Vessel like that burning midnight oil dash of paraffin thrown in 9 letters SOUPPLATE
Talk hosted by professor a teacher 5 letters ORATE
Bond cuddling girls sex not entirely judged fairly 12 letters
In political draft article time after time referring to two parties 9 letters BILATERAL
See 10 8 letters NATIONAL
Head east the wrong way to reach city on the Ruhr 5 letters ESSEN
Draw on fortune to produce weapon 9 letters SMOKEBOMB
Total steered out of it 6 letters ADDLED
Whale swallowing old boat 5 letters CANOE
22’s menacing beast mopping up duck and orange juice with sponge 6 letters BOOJUM
Black music for example in order for composer 6 letters BARTOK
A lot bad so a lot to repair 9 letters BOATLOADS
Previously mentioned area if so shabby beginning to decay 9 letters AFORESAID
Laid up search the internet to secure a fantastic job wonderful for 22 8 letters FRABJOUS
Island captured by ordinary chap is worth a chortle 6 letters JOCOSE
Bubbly ruler in 2 15 6 letters KRUGER
22’s very sharp very sharp ultimately in test 6 letters VORPAL
Track source on the telephone? 5 letters ROUTE
Soothing word razor initially having cut you once 5 letters THERE

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