The Guardian Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

High passage diva is struggling with cut 7 letters VIADUCT
What’s left on the electricity supply? 7 letters REMAINS
Bishop isn’t dignified gatecrashing function 5 letters SAINT
See 9 9 letters AUGUSTINE
Under threes dancing round newspaper boss 9 letters ETHERISED
Colourless layer on fringe of arras 5 letters ASHEN
Brainbox outspoken in row 5 letters SCULL
Poorly one way or another? 9 letters INABADWAY
Loose family members one’s seen in lodge 9 letters FREEMASON
Brilliance of recital cellist making a comeback 5 letters ECLAT
Chicken backing away from gangster 5 letters CAPON
PM’s silver ring and Chinese dresses 9 letters CALLAGHAN
Dance groove captured by rockers’ material 9 letters STRUTONES
See 25 5 letters STUFF
A little baby’s sallow from a very deep bed 7 letters ABYSSAL
Dirt Conservative’s found in shoe 7 letters SCANDAL
Service vehicles from Italy it’s said 7 letters VESPERS
Wild social do — put easy chair away 9 letters ACIDHOUSE
Say back Caesar’s last words to Brutus? 5 letters UTTER
Hands on man’s bum during prison time sent up 9 letters TRANSMITS
Soldier breaking free is not yielding 5 letters RIGID
Steed in novel Emma is to run badly 9 letters MISMANAGE
Woman rejected current husband getting together with Harry Barker 5 letters IRISH
Rent out foxy clothes in serious fashion 7 letters STERNLY
Turning up to fix eg mink or fox coats 9 letters LAMINATES
Many a chronicler shrinks in recital 9 letters ANNALISTS
See 7 9 letters WOLFHOUND
One’s purple in bed if such frolics end in angina 7 letters FUCHSIA
Being so might make perform­ance of lute fun 7 letters TUNEFUL
See 2 5 letters PARTY
Is a Liberal permitted to barge in here? 5 letters CANAL
Where ratings are lost 5 letters ATSEA

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