The Evening Standards Quick Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Quick Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Labour 4 letters TOIL
Novel 3 letters NEW
Otherwise 4 letters ELSE
Entrap 3 letters NET
Naughty 8 letters PERVERSE
Dash 4 letters DART
Taxi 3 letters CAB
Skilful 5 letters ADEPT
Performed 8 letters EXECUTED
Danger 5 letters PERIL
Claimed 8 letters DEMANDED
Snag 5 letters HITCH
Gratuity 3 letters TIP
Foundation 4 letters BASE
First 8 letters ORIGINAL
Vegetable 3 letters PEA
Asterisk 4 letters STAR
Tree 3 letters ASH
Border 4 letters EDGE
Finished 4 letters OVER
Exist 4 letters LIVE
Told 8 letters NARRATED
Sharpen 4 letters WHET
Finished 5 letters ENDED
Meadow 3 letters LEA
Undress 5 letters STRIP
Cogs 5 letters TEETH
Banquet 5 letters FEAST
Beaker 3 letters CUP
Cap 5 letters BERET
Escape 5 letters ELUDE
Deal 5 letters TRADE
Decrease 8 letters DIMINISH
Circuit 3 letters LAP
Unsuitable 5 letters INAPT
Transparent 5 letters CLEAR
Stupor 4 letters COMA
Rasp 4 letters FILE
Suspend 4 letters HANG
Ocean 3 letters SEA

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