The Evening Standards Quick Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Quick Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Notice 4 letters SPOT
Delved 3 letters DUG
Belt 4 letters SASH
Edge 3 letters LIP
Pepper 8 letters CAPSICUM
Hero 4 letters IDOL
Strike 3 letters HIT
Cut 5 letters SEVER
Rebuked 8 letters REPROVED
Singer 5 letters TENOR
Signifying 8 letters DENOTING
Vestibule 5 letters PORCH
Tag 3 letters TAB
Yield 4 letters CEDE
Exclusion 8 letters OMISSION
Prosecute 3 letters SUE
Sense 4 letters FEEL
Can 3 letters TIN
Swarthy 4 letters DARK
Scheme 4 letters PLAN
Trial 4 letters TEST
Deluded 8 letters DECEIVED
Sport 4 letters GAME
Slip 5 letters SLIDE
Help 3 letters AID
Uttered 5 letters SPOKE
Cluster 5 letters GROUP
Trail 5 letters SPOOR
Heated 3 letters HOT
Principle 5 letters TENET
Sound 5 letters VALID
Scope 5 letters RANGE
Gift 8 letters DONATION
Steal 3 letters ROB
Fat 5 letters OBESE
Fishing-basket 5 letters CREEL
Army 4 letters HOST
Employed 4 letters USED
Entrance 4 letters DOOR
Owing 3 letters DUE

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