The Evening Standards Quick Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Quick Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Robust 5 letters HARDY
Spate 5 letters FLOOD
Passage 5 letters ALLEY
Might 5 letters POWER
Consume 3 letters EAT
Beer 5 letters LAGER
Threatened 7 letters MENACED
Worn 6 letters ERODED
Drunkard 3 letters SOT
Wished 7 letters DESIRED
Huge 4 letters VAST
Dreadful 4 letters DIRE
Built 7 letters ERECTED
Wonder 3 letters AWE
Oust 6 letters DEPOSE
Theft 7 letters LARCENY
Measure 5 letters METER
Tank 3 letters VAT
Giver 5 letters DONOR
Storehouse 5 letters DEPOT
Hue 5 letters TINGE
Flat 5 letters LEVEL
Rid 5 letters CLEAR
Trusted 5 letters HOPED
Worshipped 6 letters ADORED
Consider 4 letters DEEM
Folded 7 letters PLEATED
Dissuade 5 letters DETER
Resin 3 letters LAC
Lived 7 letters RESIDED
Depart 5 letters LEAVE
Furze 5 letters GORSE
And not 3 letters NOR
Fall 7 letters DESCEND
Clod 5 letters DIVOT
Fresher 5 letters NEWER
Farm-vehicle 7 letters TRACTOR
Sheep 3 letters EWE
Relegate 6 letters DEMOTE
Refuge 5 letters HAVEN
Danger 5 letters PERIL
Material 5 letters SERGE
Knock 3 letters RAP
Couple 4 letters YOKE

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