The Evening Standards Quick Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Quick Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Fragrance 5 letters AROMA
Infuriate 6 letters ENRAGE
Deed 6 letters ACTION
Weird 5 letters EERIE
Cheese 4 letters EDAM
Step 4 letters PACE
Renovated 7 letters RENEWED
And not 3 letters NOR
Prevent 5 letters DEBAR
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Lake 4 letters MERE
Subsequently 5 letters LATER
Favourite 3 letters PET
Lived 7 letters RESIDED
Hero 4 letters IDOL
Season 4 letters TIDE
Crowd 5 letters HORDE
Necktie 6 letters CRAVAT
Undertake 6 letters ENGAGE
Splinter 5 letters SHARD
Bar 5 letters LEVER
Harmonium 5 letters ORGAN
Era 3 letters AGE
Staggered 6 letters REELED
Post 4 letters MAIL
Expert 3 letters ACE
Giant 5 letters TITAN
Beneath 5 letters UNDER
Dedicated 7 letters DEVOTED
Decoration 5 letters MEDAL
Shrouded 7 letters COVERED
Dissuade 5 letters DETER
Wedge 3 letters JAM
Send 5 letters REMIT
Loiter 3 letters LAG
Give 6 letters RENDER
Throw 5 letters PITCH
Sum 5 letters TOTAL
Couch 5 letters DIVAN
Postpone 5 letters DEFER
Insect 4 letters MOTH
Owns 3 letters HAS
Finish 3 letters END

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