The Evening Standards Quick Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Quick Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Grasp 4 letters GRIP
Gain 3 letters WIN
Sense 4 letters FEEL
Rut 6 letters GROOVE
Trial 6 letters ORDEAL
Can 3 letters TIN
Demand 5 letters CLAIM
Trivial 5 letters PETTY
Cheated 5 letters DUPED
Plan 6 letters SCHEME
Means 6 letters AGENCY
Called 5 letters NAMED
Bury 5 letters INTER
Taut 5 letters TIGHT
Cunning 3 letters SLY
Ship 6 letters VESSEL
Beast 6 letters ANIMAL
Boss 4 letters STUD
Nail 3 letters PIN
Swelling 4 letters NODE
Rustic 5 letters RURAL
Supply 7 letters PROVIDE
Sharpen 4 letters WHET
Mid-day 4 letters NOON
Sweetmeat 5 letters FUDGE
Stretchy 7 letters ELASTIC
Wrath 3 letters IRE
Lettuce 3 letters COS
Silent 3 letters MUM
Enclosure 3 letters PEN
Barrier 3 letters DAM
Nunnery 7 letters CONVENT
Obtain 3 letters GET
Issue 7 letters EDITION
Still 3 letters YET
Sicken 3 letters AIL
Relaxed 5 letters EASED
Store 5 letters HOARD
Mistake 4 letters SLIP
Story 4 letters YARN

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