The Evening Standards Quick Crossword February 3 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Quick Crossword February 3 2023 Answers:

Drive 6 letters PROPEL
Fated 6 letters DOOMED
Strive 8 letters STRUGGLE
Rim 4 letters EDGE
Lettuce 3 letters COS
Clutch 5 letters GRASP
Skill 3 letters ART
Fighting 3 letters WAR
Sphere 3 letters ORB
Fasten 3 letters TIE
Mistake 5 letters ERROR
Objective 3 letters AIM
Wonder 3 letters AWE
Sever 3 letters CUT
Spot 3 letters DOT
Fish 5 letters TENCH
Newt 3 letters EFT
Cease 4 letters STOP
Height 8 letters ALTITUDE
Coma 6 letters TRANCE
Concealed 6 letters HIDDEN
Proportion 5 letters RATIO
Stop up 4 letters PLUG
Beer 5 letters LAGER
Clothe 5 letters DRESS
Frank 4 letters OPEN
Keen 5 letters EAGER
Quoted 5 letters CITED
Perspire 5 letters SWEAT
Salute 5 letters GREET
Pinafore 5 letters APRON
Vestibule 5 letters PORCH
Diminish 5 letters ABATE
Lure 5 letters TEMPT
Exterior 5 letters OUTER
Avoid 5 letters EVADE
Capture 5 letters CATCH
Sweetmeat 5 letters FUDGE
Bridge 4 letters SPAN
Boss 4 letters STUD

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