The Evening Standards Quick Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Quick Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Reel 5 letters SPOOL
Clergyman 6 letters RECTOR
Manly 6 letters VIRILE
Principle 5 letters TENET
Fever 4 letters AGUE
Existence 4 letters LIFE
Discussed 7 letters DEBATED
Each 3 letters ALL
Instruct 5 letters TEACH
Flat 4 letters EVEN
Orient 4 letters EAST
Couch 5 letters DIVAN
Rotter 3 letters CAD
Ebbed 7 letters RECEDED
Unfortunately 4 letters ALAS
Lake 4 letters MERE
Frighten 5 letters ALARM
Maintain 6 letters INSIST
Festival 6 letters EASTER
Repentant 5 letters SORRY
Trample 5 letters TREAD
Scour 5 letters SCRUB
Drunkard 3 letters SOT
Preadjusted 6 letters PRESET
Finished 4 letters OVER
Illuminated 3 letters LIT
Shinbone 5 letters TIBIA
Spree 5 letters REVEL
Widespread 7 letters GENERAL
Relaxed 5 letters EASED
Compliment 7 letters FLATTER
Prevent 5 letters DEBAR
Expert 3 letters ACE
Seraglio 5 letters HAREM
Pinch 3 letters NIP
Closer 6 letters NEARER
Hut 5 letters CABIN
Flower 5 letters DAISY
Demise 5 letters DEATH
Disparage 5 letters DECRY
Singer 4 letters ALTO
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Month 3 letters MAY

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