The Evening Standards Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: The Evening Standard’s Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

The Evening Standard’s Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Prompt 5 letters READY
Hell 5 letters HADES
Spate 5 letters FLOOD
Precipitous 5 letters STEEP
Scull 3 letters OAR
Skirmish 5 letters MELEE
Diplomatic 7 letters TACTFUL
Revised 6 letters EDITED
Spot 3 letters DOT
Interfered 7 letters MEDDLED
Appear 4 letters SEEM
Face 4 letters DIAL
Ousted 7 letters DEPOSED
Entrap 3 letters NET
Scorn 6 letters DERIDE
Abraded 7 letters SCRAPED
Material 5 letters SATIN
Twitching 3 letters TIC
Liability 5 letters DEBIT
Revolt 5 letters REBEL
Reimburse 5 letters REPAY
Avarice 5 letters GREED
Flourished 5 letters WAVED
Readjusted 5 letters RESET
Regard 6 letters ESTEEM
Duo 4 letters DUET
Coagulated 7 letters CLOTTED
Marketplace 5 letters FORUM
Lout 3 letters OAF
Waded 7 letters PADDLED
Untidy 5 letters MESSY
Enjoyed 5 letters LIKED
Pass 3 letters COL
Dedicated 7 letters DEVOTED
Number 5 letters DIGIT
Of old 5 letters OLDEN
Threatened 7 letters MENACED
Vitality 3 letters PEP
Wish 6 letters DESIRE
Performed 5 letters ACTED
Assessed 5 letters RATED
Couch 5 letters DIVAN
Tease 3 letters RIB
Expensive 4 letters DEAR

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