The Evening Standards Easy Crossword October 16 2020 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Easy Crossword October 16 2020 Answers

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Something temporary 9 letters MAKESHIFT
Kissing plant? 9 letters MISTLETOE
Base of neck 4 letters NAPE
Vision 6 letters MIRAGE
Raise 7 letters ELEVATE
Affliction of the eyes 9 letters BLINDNESS
Discouraging weapon 9 letters DETERRENT
Intellectual 7 letters EGGHEAD
Self-effacing 6 letters MODEST
Long-eared mammal 4 letters HARE
Very hot 9 letters SCORCHING
Person who disagrees 9 letters DISSIDENT
Green vegetable 4 letters LEEK
Scold harshly 6 letters BERATE
Not present 7 letters MISSING
Relative significance 9 letters MAGNITUDE
Artificial sweetener 9 letters SACCHARIN
Team sport 7 letters NETBALL
Fixed goal 6 letters TARGET
Famous person 4 letters STAR
Economic oppressor 9 letters EXPLOITER
Attractive person 9 letters DREAMBOAT
Open to suggestion 8 letters AMENABLE
Children’s plaything 12 letters SKIPPINGROPE
Bonus 8 letters DIVIDEND
Unclaimed animals 6 letters STRAYS
Deeply fixed 8 letters EMBEDDED
Lung disease 10 letters ASBESTOSIS
At a fast tempo 7 letters ALLEGRO
Bitterness 10 letters RESENTMENT
Slight remainder 5 letters TRACE
Make very wet 6 letters DRENCH
Crockery item 3 letters MUG
Improvement 12 letters AMELIORATION
Tawdry art 6 letters KITSCH
Amphibian 10 letters SALAMANDER
Unfair state 10 letters INEQUALITY
Female deer 3 letters DOE
Opening 8 letters APERTURE
Cutting tools 8 letters MACHETES
Create 8 letters GENERATE
Deny knowledge of 7 letters DISAVOW
Bizarre costume 5 letters GETUP
Long step 6 letters STRIDE

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