The Evening Standards Easy Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: The Evening Standard’s Easy Crossword May 17 2023 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Vagrants 6 letters TRAMPS
Spike heel 8 letters STILETTO
Spanish dish 6 letters PAELLA
Speed contests 5 letters RACES
Thick paper 4 letters CARD
Jetty 4 letters PIER
Flow out slowly 4 letters OOZE
Tasselled cap 3 letters FEZ
Lion’s cry 4 letters ROAR
Horse’s gait 4 letters TROT
Mafia boss 9 letters GODFATHER
Indian dress 4 letters SARI
Fossil fuel 4 letters COAL
Affirmative 3 letters YES
Eye up 4 letters OGLE
Article 4 letters ITEM
Untainted 4 letters PURE
Frighten 5 letters SCARE
Light red 6 letters CERISE
Albumen 8 letters EGGWHITE
Be present 6 letters ATTEND
Seize wrongfully 5 letters USURP
Female relative 5 letters NIECE
Untidy state 4 letters MESS
Gemstone 5 letters TOPAZ
Elderly 4 letters AGED
Piece of small shot 6 letters PELLET
Woman’s name 6 letters ARETHA
Afflict 3 letters AIL
Mistake 5 letters ERROR
Small boat 7 letters CORACLE
Dolt 3 letters OAF
In favour of 3 letters FOR
Offensive 6 letters ODIOUS
Ancient artefact 5 letters RELIC
Fuel 3 letters GAS
Foot digit 3 letters TOE
Choose 6 letters SELECT
For every 3 letters PER
Gluttony 5 letters GREED
Unspoken 5 letters TACIT
Brawl 5 letters MELEE
Long tube 4 letters PIPE
Stitched 4 letters SEWN

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