The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

It’s obvious when an inexperienced driver is in distress 5 letters PLAIN
Fisherman’s trick? 5 letters CATCH
Cautious use of fuel for the car 7 letters CAREFUL
Available as the letter H or C 5 letters ONTAP
Whence the cowboys managed to get to church 5 letters RANCH
Mark a tin’s possibly made? 5 letters STAIN
Military formations led by a colonel? 7 letters COLUMNS
Just a sticky mess but it won’t come to nothing! 3 letters GOO
Burden of suspicion usually? 4 letters ONUS
Something foxy to do in a down-to-earth way 6 letters BURROW
Clangers perhaps? 5 letters BELLS
Does it fly with a snakelike motion? 6 letters GLIDER
Land in the water 4 letters ISLE
Caught participating in saucy duets with Thaddeus 3 letters HAD
Run a faultless service around the camp 7 letters SCAMPER
Keep revising the cost per kilo? 5 letters STOCK
A woman to cheat at some risk 5 letters DORIS
It turns coming to a shuddering halt at Mile End 5 letters LATHE
Was it never a good match? 7 letters LUCIFER
Likely to win if you play endless pontoon? 5 letters ONTOP
Nevertheless it can be quiet at night 5 letters STILL
A place of growing pride 6 letters LONDON
Legendary high-flier who went down to the sea 6 letters ICARUS
Rest of the game? 3 letters NAP
They go round making money in wagers 5 letters BELTS
The low fellow has evidence of debts – bearing much interest! 7 letters CURIOUS
Chap engulfed in an avalanche 4 letters ALAN
Cry out for a bit of luck with a bird 6 letters CUCKOO
Poles always scoff it seems 5 letters SNEER
Has it a mixture of remedies? 5 letters COUGH
Clear get somewhat ridiculously backward 5 letters LUCID
Get a bit of a grip on a snake 5 letters GRASP
It’s what he has that makes him what he is 5 letters OWNER
Highball on the snooker table? 5 letters BLACK
Attacks those who dead tired take refreshment? 7 letters BEATSUP
Maybe being a goal ahead can mean calm waters 6 letters LAGOON
Give the little devil a name! 6 letters IMPART
All upset about the wreck that was fatal 6 letters LETHAL
On paper the stock issue 5 letters SCRIP
Form of soil farmers use 4 letters SILO
Confronted with corrosion he doesn’t remain silent 3 letters LES

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