The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

On the door he’s full of gin – drunk! 5 letters HINGE
As an alternative duck to the right 5 letters OTHER
Brilliant invention of eccentric earls 5 letters LASER
One is enough to make batsmen cross! 3 letters RUN
One has to sail back using an assumed name 5 letters ALIAS
Like the comestibles at each dining place 7 letters EATABLE
Many a key part to of no credit 5 letters DEBIT
To live at the East End is a chancy thing to do 3 letters BET
Tell once again a false tale 6 letters RELATE
Feels upset about a race finish that cheats! 7 letters FLEECES
Look with love at a leg possibly 4 letters OGLE
Cultivate that Eulenspiegel character 4 letters TILL
Denial of what’s true about a bit of fuss 7 letters REFUSAL
Credit being due showed pride 6 letters CROWED
It may invite a smashing return 3 letters LOB
Much smashed to pieces in the underworld! 5 letters HADES
It’s reasonable for aunt to be upset by some silly lark! 7 letters NATURAL
In one way and another the girl’s moony! 5 letters LUNAR
Wherein in short chemists labour 3 letters LAB
Where the horse can stop running! 5 letters STALL
Violent character of the gunners’ mob maybe? 5 letters RAMBO
Keeps a ship going round a river 5 letters STAYS
Only a sucker would drink with one 5 letters STRAW
Defensible with not quite eleven fit men 7 letters TENABLE
Being lazy I got led astray 4 letters IDLE
On a happy note starts singing in verdant places 6 letters GLADES
A picture frame 5 letters EASEL
Send back right on time 5 letters REMIT
Thus endlessly can provide shelter 3 letters HUT
Related in a different version 7 letters ALTERED
Six-footer in a bonnet? 3 letters BEE
Is in the lab when he turns up 5 letters BASIL
Homely entertainment 5 letters TELLY
It’s usual to dish out gruel with a warm heart 7 letters REGULAR
Set fire to the church on the hill! 5 letters TORCH
Left food out suitable for ducks 5 letters FLOOD
Arranged systematically – and that’s flat! 7 letters TABULAR
What emerges is a new lustre 6 letters RESULT
A boozer so takes little tea! 3 letters SOT
Angry at having a disastrous try-out! 5 letters RATTY
Cathedral water supplies? 5 letters WELLS
East Ender’s stray baby cat 5 letters TABBY
Deep blue sea service 4 letters NAVY
Charge into the drama centre 3 letters RAM

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