The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Assembled then to go off one after the other 9 letters ONTHETROT
The first lira Gino counterfeited 8 letters ORIGINAL
A clout is an item of apparel 4 letters SOCK
Unnerves the many relatives 6 letters DAUNTS
What the golfing textile manufacturer called his wood? 7 letters NONIRON
Cash the teller didn’t receive? 9 letters HUSHMONEY
The tantrum to end all tantrums at close of play 9 letters LASTSCENE
Agreed everything was bound to come out 7 letters TALLIED
The girl I’m giving back the book to 6 letters MISSAL
An advantage and more 4 letters PLUS
It takes hard workers to keep it provided with meals 8 letters ANTEATER
Perform well in increasing gradually in volume 8 letters SWELLING
Covering brought back in order to cover the hole 4 letters ROOF
Dejected or in some distress 6 letters MOROSE
Turn a child against a certain vegetable 7 letters SPINACH
He’s not in an office but catching fish in the country 9 letters FREELANCE
Name of the man crossing the street against the traffic lights? 9 letters JAYWALKER
Opens the blinds when one arrives 7 letters ROLLSUP
For a cooking utensil go to where the cooking utensils are kept 6 letters PANTRY
I can dispense with the candle: it’s useless 4 letters IDLE
How one regretted sucking the lemon? 8 letters BITTERLY
What the pub’s called? 9 letters LOCALNAME
Might be better a little cooler 8 letters NOTSOHOT
Heaps of small nails 6 letters STACKS
Decreed a raid should be carried out by one day 8 letters ORDAINED
Inclined to be wounding which is mean 6 letters STINGY
Only looks carefully round but it makes one feel better 8 letters CONSOLES
Most of the meat delivered to the zoo? 10 letters LIONSSHARE
Wind up speaking in a foreign language 7 letters FINNISH
I got into the vehicle again with her 6 letters CARRIE
Where the difference between the past and present is great? 7 letters INTENSE
An hour after midnight she gets back home 6 letters MAIDEN
Some calling out in a strange language 5 letters LINGO
A mother has a right to spoil! 3 letters MAR
And I swerved to one side when she appeared 5 letters LINDA
Slicing liver to give to a woman 6 letters ELVIRA
Played the doctor in the Bond film or stayed out of it 10 letters TOOKNOPART
The sound of water – didn’t I tell you so! 3 letters SEE
Favours directs one’s attention to the page before 7 letters PREFERS
More than satisfies 8 letters OVERPAYS
Pray tell me the name of the girl 8 letters SAYGRACE
Heard running round the lair and got set 8 letters HARDENED
Seem half the fools got shut inside the cupboards 7 letters CLOSETS
Brings back rice (about a pound) and a cake 6 letters ECLAIR
Music and the sound of bells 6 letters JINGLE
Steal away when the child goes to sleep 6 letters KIDNAP

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