The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

Fawning on everywhere 7 letters ALLOVER
Meaning by constantly criticising 9 letters GETTINGAT
Love playing one right into the middle of the green 5 letters OLIVE
Getting the gist as you go off to sleep 5 letters DRIFT
As before by the way is opposed to it 7 letters AGAINST
Reduce by ha’pence – ridiculous! 7 letters CHEAPEN
Pop round again for fear 5 letters DREAD
Brought out looking tired and haggard 5 letters DRAWN
Compass for the mountains 5 letters RANGE
Staid is close 6 letters STUFFY
A strange tailless cat making a row 6 letters RUMPUS
Information not obtained from a high-up 7 letters LOWDOWN
For the mother and son in trouble providing a home 7 letters MANSION
After the gaol-break about in their hordes 6 letters GALORE
Loves meandering round the English roads 6 letters ADORES
Downright see-through! 5 letters SHEER
Tries to find out about one’s wayward son 5 letters NOSES
The one playing outside is making a din 5 letters NOISE
Could I be classified as competent and pleasant? 7 letters AMIABLE
The very thing if you want something to read! 7 letters ARTICLE
Go on a buying spree to pass the time? 5 letters SPEND
Except for the L in balm 5 letters SALVE
Have a predilection for drink in no time 9 letters LIKEASHOT
Bear out when you swindle the company 7 letters CONFIRM
Round about lunchtime set to have food 6 letters PLAICE
Honest therefore come to my assistance 8 letters SOHELPME
Was as good as the others at retaining personal possessions? 11 letters HELDONESOWN
How a ladybird will make itself scarce? 9 letters BEETLEOFF
Leaves to get the wool 7 letters STRANDS
The intricacies of rowing? 10 letters INSANDOUTS
Raise money on a piece of ivory? 4 letters PAWN
Agree it’s a reason for not getting a mongrel 6 letters CONCUR
Discover when you come upon unconscious 7 letters FINDOUT
Still remains in force for the stalls 6 letters STANDS
Turning over a couple of pages before you sanction it 7 letters APPROVE
Not wise things to order in a restaurant? 7 letters NOODLES
Finds when one assaults 11 letters LAYSHANDSON
A shady skeleton in the cupboard? 10 letters DARKSECRET
The entry these days to a job 9 letters ADMISSION
Rode off embarrassed having been told to 7 letters ORDERED
Cordial gin and ale mixed up together 6 letters GENIAL
Sheds and leaves quietly 8 letters SLIPSOFF
Swam after the tots? 6 letters REELED
Great tennis playing to capture the point 7 letters INTENSE
Music you put on 6 letters BOLERO

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