The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Bivouac on the American college grounds 6 letters CAMPUS
A day in advance! 8 letters TOMORROW
After a late start I work at a pleasant place 4 letters LIDO
Vessel involved in a storm 6 letters TEACUP
Anybody but us 6 letters OTHERS
Join where West meets East at Land’s End 3 letters WED
A shed can be a dark place 5 letters HADES
Figure to finish a repair 4 letters MEND
Given support when in bed 5 letters BASED
Pass the message early perhaps 5 letters RELAY
Sick of being fattened 5 letters FEDUP
Why don’t we return from the wastelands! 4 letters LETS
Spoke softly to a schoolgirl with love in her heart 5 letters COOED
Thus written in musical notation 3 letters SIC
They don’t deny being the proprietors 6 letters OWNERS
Bertha bewitching in a bikini 6 letters BATHER
You can’t say he doesn’t give a toot! 4 letters OTTO
On board a game fellow 8 letters CHESSMAN
It’s depressing for a listener surrounded by what’s uninteresting 6 letters DREARY
See us with uncle as a rule 6 letters CUSTOM
Charlie snooped around and found out the cost 6 letters PRICED
Pack up and post perhaps 4 letters STOP
They get very little money from a poet 7 letters SOUTHEY
Done the French way? 5 letters FRIED
National roll? 5 letters SWISS
Where you could picnic and crack some walnuts 4 letters LAWN
Being already bad is unable to go off! 3 letters DUD
Was bound to be taken in 3 letters HAD
Pay up when the time’s right 5 letters REMIT
Prize or treasure 5 letters VALUE
Provide a terminus at the town centre 5 letters ENDOW
Where to sleep if you are at a dead end 3 letters BED
Vegetable extract of sarsaparilla 3 letters SAP
Compensation regarding a frock 7 letters REDRESS
In life expense to be paid 3 letters FEE
There’s not much left but to change the title 6 letters LITTLE
Repetitive sound of the screech owl 4 letters ECHO
Thus be dependent distressingly! 6 letters SORELY
Grassy weed to see with a cry of pain! 5 letters COUCH
Attack on TV? 5 letters ONSET
What the squatters did? 3 letters SAT
Stick with James 4 letters BOND

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