The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Bread that’s not wrapped? 9 letters LOOSECASH
Earned for having arrested 8 letters PULLEDIN
Said it’s part bread 4 letters ROLL
Got the snake trapped? That’s capital! 6 letters BOGOTA
Tourist is one of the fallers 7 letters TRIPPER
Enjoyment the athlete who broke the record had? 9 letters GREATTIME
The plant a weed will run rampant in a while 9 letters SPEEDWELL
Cut back not definite? 7 letters TONSURE
Compensated for having given material assistance 6 letters REPAID
You get the point 4 letters THEE
Get ready for attack 8 letters SETABOUT
Arrived or conversely pulled out 8 letters ROLLEDUP
Again it’s too much 4 letters OVER
Feel and be strangely weak 6 letters FEEBLE
Mended the tent the kid had damaged 7 letters KNITTED
Had been a forger one didn’t let oneself forget 9 letters MADEANOTE
They’re unable to hear or see the cars outside 9 letters CLOTHEARS
Asks to name the child 7 letters CALLSON
Unseated from the said seat 6 letters THROWN
Duck chum! It’s a stone! 4 letters OPAL
Pray tell me lady 8 letters SAYGRACE
Unwilling to get an awful clutter outside tidied up 9 letters RELUCTANT
It means you’ve given your consent and no mistake! 8 letters ALLRIGHT
Miner has no right to dog 6 letters COLLIE
The wild lion is put in her care 8 letters CAROLINE
Single out the cold water pipe with the hole in it 6 letters CHOOSE
Says one’s piece in a high voice? 8 letters SPEAKSUP
A plain no? 10 letters FLATDENIAL
Doesn’t let one forget about and is disturbed by 7 letters REMINDS
For the not very intelligent it’s easy 6 letters SIMPLE
The doctor and the sick man made well 7 letters DRILLED
The bird flying out is able to 6 letters TOUCAN
In the south of France an English member of the family 5 letters NIECE
Go off hill climbing 3 letters ROT
Visit late a place you visit often 5 letters HAUNT
Through his mistake die 6 letters PERISH
A most individual means of getting a private road 10 letters ONESOWNWAY
Feel sorry in a way for the French 3 letters RUE
Creatures that are party to a terrible crime 7 letters DORMICE
Whispered The beard is a disguise 8 letters BREATHED
Be fully aware that you are no stranger to 8 letters KNOWWELL
Does perhaps at night appear lonely 8 letters DESOLATE
An extract from The Corridor 7 letters PASSAGE
Taking the key gets out a roll of money 6 letters DOLLAR
The dog the time after got upset by the poison 6 letters CURARE
Pop back and ring to make a request 6 letters APPEAL

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