The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 16 2020 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword October 16 2020 Answers

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Therefore for assault could be incarcerated again 9 letters ASARESULT
Sea-bathing mostly 9 letters INTHEMAIN
The fifth or sixth letter in knowledge 4 letters LORE
Is alas preparing to attack 6 letters ASSAIL
Raze the apartment between nine and eleven 7 letters FLATTEN
The one served by the butter-fingered waitress in the tea-room? 9 letters DROPSCONE
A large hall for study and lessons 9 letters CONCOURSE
Ring through at a quarter past from work 7 letters OPERATE
The guard with the money got shot 6 letters SENTRY
Long to take one round the hotel 4 letters ACHE
An early lead! 9 letters CHILDSTAR
Takes care of when one ushers the sailor to the door 9 letters SEESABOUT
Until by myself with a book 4 letters TOME
Gloomy when the half moon came up 6 letters MOROSE
Measure the hair in need of cutting? 7 letters FURLONG
Military wear is the antithesis of a baby’s bonnet! 9 letters FORAGECAP
A battle we need to fight 9 letters WARONWANT
Go on lad. Push out the boat 7 letters GONDOLA
The papers he puts into groups 6 letters SHEETS
The lady and the space man who’s so intrepid 4 letters HERO
Did it enable gold prospectors to see in the dark? 9 letters RUSHLIGHT
Does stupidly clown about and you suspend activities 9 letters CLOSEDOWN
When I floated off didn’t 8 letters FAILEDTO
Between blonde and mouse is not a bad description 12 letters FAIRTOMEDIUM
Was better than the other polishes? 8 letters OUTSHONE
The way to overcome a foolish fear is to attack it 6 letters STRAFE
Container nanny can’t have? 8 letters BILLYCAN
Does she wield the big stick over malingerers? 10 letters STAFFNURSE
On return Rose Brown got through to the politician 7 letters SENATOR
Regardless of which contest one’s competing in? 10 letters INANYEVENT
A commotion that gets you up 5 letters ASTIR
For rises still holds good 6 letters STANDS
The gentleman who took part in the uprising 3 letters SIR
Pretty appealing to a child it is! 12 letters CHOCOLATEBOX
Silly rot! A man about to become a mother! 6 letters MATRON
Reduce the amount in order to create an impression 10 letters CUTAFIGURE
Got loaded and became bossy 10 letters TOOKCHARGE
A small male or a female 3 letters SHE
Be against including it or just the converse 8 letters OPPOSITE
What made the newlyweds so unhappy in the front seats? 8 letters FIRSTROW
Cajole in order to circumvent? 8 letters GETROUND
Mean to force Nigel to admit the old boy 7 letters IGNOBLE
Surrounds the arenas 5 letters RINGS
Something you pull with difficulty from the tool bag? 6 letters WRENCH

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