The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Get away into space by the way? 6 letters ESCAPE
Is humanitarian but makes a leftist angry 8 letters REDCROSS
Emphasise the pressure 6 letters STRESS
Wander around with trays 5 letters STRAY
Dad in distress 4 letters PAIN
Can one look right into the future? 4 letters SEER
Ridicules the fellows 4 letters GUYS
Obtain by duplication? 3 letters BUY
Profit from a gin 4 letters GAIN
In old Thailand Sam gets out of line 4 letters SIAM
In Dixieland (where Enoch Powell was MP) 9 letters DOWNSOUTH
The information’s just a tad wrong 4 letters DATA
Historic actor-manager who went bare in winter? 4 letters TREE
The blokes who join me at the Nag’s Head 3 letters MEN
Keen to carve a joint 4 letters KNEE
Made to copy Joan of Arc say 4 letters MAID
Beware that we depart thus making you suffer 4 letters BEAR
It grows in an easterly direction 5 letters ASTER
Hidden talent maybe 6 letters LATENT
Name a warlike fellow’s weapon 8 letters TOMAHAWK
Lots can be supplied in extremes of penury 6 letters PLENTY
Spill the beans on the lawn? 5 letters GRASS
Love to make a fuss again 5 letters ADORE
Become the worse for wear due to fighting? 4 letters FRAY
Writing the points to mention 5 letters ESSAY
Something unpleasant afoot? 4 letters CORN
One can play it still 6 letters POSSUM
Letter to publish as a mere fabrication 6 letters TISSUE
It comes from out East 3 letters TEA
Leave skill out of the conversation! 5 letters ARGOT
Joker ups rent outrageously 7 letters PUNSTER
A drink like water that’s clear 3 letters GIN
Disgusted utterance of a hot-headed bachelor 3 letters BAH
Become aware of a possibly weak point 6 letters AWAKEN
Features put out at times 5 letters ITEMS
The judo expert? 3 letters DAN
If you want it mined ring the engineers! 3 letters ORE
Group of soldiers worthy of attention? 6 letters DETAIL
Where the ball’s come to rest may be just not true! 3 letters LIE
Smart refusal to be put out of the race 5 letters NATTY
Geography book 5 letters ATLAS
He never gets his back wet 5 letters DRAKE
Without one you can’t be a cash customer 4 letters BEAN
The one-legged captain makes a habit of it 4 letters AHAB

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