The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

An English part no longer Othello for instance 6 letters EXMOOR
One making a speech at Number Ten – to music 8 letters ORATORIO
Runs a great distance but she’s no Amazon! 4 letters LENA
Wearing such an expression Enid was upset by dad 6 letters PAINED
Source of a drama in history 6 letters ARMADA
Where there’s said to be a queue 3 letters KEW
Edward tours the kingdom getting drastically treated! 5 letters NUKED
Always highly regarded in red 4 letters EVER
Sphere of the true leader of men 5 letters REALM
Agree the total 5 letters TALLY
How far anger can get you 5 letters RANGE
Economies with meat? 4 letters CUTS
Said to be soft hearted and with good taste 5 letters SAPID
Cause you can eat it! 3 letters COS
Shows preference for the soft chunks 6 letters PLUMPS
A romance eventually finished but very nice 6 letters LOVELY
Frightened on a Wednesday 4 letters AWED
Like crazy driving – though without a crash we’re told 8 letters RECKLESS
It’s the transposition of taxes 6 letters TITHES
Pass as time spent asleep maybe 6 letters ELAPSE
Batsman or cracksman? 6 letters OPENER
The way to upset Dora 4 letters ROAD
How to reproach the backward? 7 letters STERNLY
Eccentric faker far from normal 5 letters FREAK
Can’t he keep a regular place? 5 letters NOMAD
Left Isaac just the same 4 letters LIKE
Without experience in mine working 3 letters NEW
She’s not talking 3 letters MUM
Many felt moved by such pottery 5 letters DELFT
After Beethoven’s fifth she gives us a bit of Elgar 5 letters HELGA
Necessary quarter-pint in a bottle 5 letters VITAL
Organised hurriedly? 3 letters RAN
Adam’s is alcohol free 3 letters ALE
A little upright creature? 7 letters TADPOLE
With a redhead I’m on edge 3 letters RIM
Being secretive finished in court 6 letters COVERT
American name for second-hand 4 letters USED
Dorothy composed an essay about summer’s end 6 letters SAYERS
Muriel that bright novelist 5 letters SPARK
He has impact in children’s entertainment 5 letters PUNCH
Frighten the college head with a sudden cry 3 letters COW
The ultimate in cataclysmal astonishment! 4 letters LAST

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