The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Give a phoney hug for money 5 letters DOUGH
Cook in old train oil? 5 letters BROIL
One of the first names in the Biblical phone book? 5 letters AARON
Give a courtly performance? 3 letters ACT
He has skill on the organ 5 letters HEART
Wooden salver useful to smokers 7 letters ASHTRAY
Baltic race taken in by the French 5 letters LETTS
Listener’s noted warm heart 3 letters EAR
Island’s central road 6 letters MIDWAY
Like much of my stuff not very obviously clever 7 letters CRYPTIC
One with pride in being a celebrity? 4 letters LION
A cheap cut 4 letters SNIP
The glamour and mystery of Cremona 7 letters ROMANCE
Like a tonsure one can have in different ways 6 letters SHAVEN
He also ran successfully for parliament 3 letters COE
Nominal translator of some of the classics 5 letters SILAS
He was highly regarded for his well balanced performances 7 letters BLONDIN
One of many spent in Ecuador 5 letters SUCRE
Black salt? 3 letters TAR
A fashion figure connected with computers 5 letters MODEM
Condescend to finish the weeding possibly 5 letters DEIGN
Looks to be the way to the river 5 letters SEEMS
Big trouble getting money out of Central America 5 letters CRASH
One bird bit another 7 letters BITTERN
Carry out an order to the very end 4 letters OBEY
Something tasteful for which one can hardly have a secret passion 6 letters GARLIC
It’s a bit of a shame Ted being so unpopular 5 letters HATED
Ghana’s greatest cross-country runner 5 letters VOLTA
An exclamation of Oh Charlie admitted 3 letters OCH
Pointed instrument with a piece of rope on 7 letters HARPOON
He’s after dough we hear followed by me! 3 letters RAY
How I went round the twist! 5 letters TWINE
There’s very slim chance that she’ll need to lose weight 5 letters SYLPH
How unusual to find the motorway clear! 7 letters MIRACLE
Matt never mentions such paint! 5 letters GLOSS
She’s in the pink 5 letters CORAL
Made to smell decent perhaps on Saturday or Sunday 7 letters SCENTED
Carry on with the summary 6 letters RESUME
Now as some might say a number less than one 3 letters NOO
Arrive at a striking idea? 5 letters HITON
Vessels one saves from being wrecked? 5 letters VASES
Zodiacal sign much seen on TV 5 letters VIRGO
Where informally you need a bottle opener for a drink 4 letters BRUM
Welsh dairyman? 3 letters DAI

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