The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Not having left of one’s own accord as it proved 9 letters TURNEDOUT
Take longer to tell 9 letters OUTNUMBER
Duck sweetheart! 4 letters LOVE
He stole on board 6 letters PIRATE
When the girl returns Don is out at the jeweller’s 7 letters DIAMOND
The woman takes another quickly 9 letters INASECOND
Lacking in stature is not enough 9 letters TOOLITTLE
Got badly stung myself going in to get the spices 7 letters NUTMEGS
Having spoken with me about the general mood 6 letters MORALE
Be off animals 4 letters SHOO
Am taking grub back for her to consume: meat 9 letters HAMBURGER
Giving it another whirl and going back home 9 letters RETURNING
Take to task about the speed? 4 letters RATE
Is put off by a day which is silly 6 letters STUPID
Are possibly close relations one deduces 7 letters REASONS
In the net I wrapped the passion fruit 9 letters TANGERINE
Thought to be mistimed and had the date changed 9 letters MEDITATED
Having no food isn’t worried; gets a cigarette out 7 letters FASTING
One of the young high-fliers 6 letters EAGLET
Dish out food say to a non-vegetarian 4 letters METE
The party with a butler flitting about gives one definite qualms 9 letters REALDOUBT
Just so 9 letters THEREFORE
To compartment number one back goes the horse 8 letters STALLION
Go not in fear 12 letters BRAVEATTEMPT
Game in which some do badly all round 8 letters DOMINOES
Lock and leave 6 letters STRAND
The others are in the foreground with the author 8 letters FORESTER
A pad for drawing? 10 letters STUDIOFLAT
151 tuna could become unhinged 7 letters LUNATIC
The strain of motherhood 10 letters CRADLESONG
Lift the black soot out 5 letters BOOST
Good view from French Tower reportedly 6 letters EYEFUL
Drive back that you spoil 3 letters MAR
Shot taken when you’re definitely not at your best 12 letters HAIROFTHEDOG
Complete with painting rushed in 6 letters ARRANT
Previously resolved to free hero 10 letters HERETOFORE
Being dismissed when it’s becoming known publicly 10 letters GETTINGOUT
Old measure used in angling 3 letters ROD
Ensures that you know they’re on the house 8 letters PRESENTS
Restored to favour you thought again 8 letters REDEEMED
The maze of dead ends got one down 8 letters SADDENED
Prompts me to turn in the skins 7 letters REMINDS
From the north-east: new girl 5 letters NESTA

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