The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Go back on the revision of a decree 6 letters RECEDE
Tubes of pasta 8 letters MACARONI
Port authority police still unmoved 6 letters PLACID
All-round measurement 5 letters GIRTH
Trees on the bowling green? 4 letters WOOD
Past being in love really? 4 letters OVER
In the Foreign Office short measure of sherry 4 letters FINO
Permitted amount of double-talk 3 letters LET
Is again on the river 4 letters ISIS
Maybe like port 4 letters KIEL
It gets a driver nowhere faster than ever 9 letters LAPRECORD
Haul around in a dance 4 letters HULA
It’s leonine but may be horsy 4 letters MANE
Rob a fool? 3 letters MUG
Fellow taking a piano to church! 4 letters CHAP
He made no exclamation when there was a flood 4 letters NOAH
Like the years it takes to get slim? 4 letters LEAN
One of the fabrics a drill sergeant possesses 5 letters SERGE
Stop making a boy sit awkwardly 6 letters DESIST
Where weddings are concerned the colourful bits 8 letters CONFETTI
Food constituent that can make a saint roguish! 6 letters STARCH
Grub that’s eventually become perfect! 5 letters IMAGO
Mark takes new heart from this narrow escape 5 letters SCARE
Knowing what may be Norman 4 letters ARCH
In Yorkshire where there’s little money in wrought iron 5 letters RIPON
See a boy’s covered 4 letters CLAD
Go motoring with a novice? Nonsense! 6 letters DRIVEL
Regard as a spectator 6 letters LOOKON
Girl of four starting young 3 letters IVY
Experimental new trail 5 letters TRIAL
Mine was transformed by a clever fellow 7 letters WISEMAN
It grows in the south of Iran 3 letters FIR
Guided by a little light 3 letters LED
Areas where saints are out of step 6 letters SPACES
She shows anger over a piece of news 5 letters IRENE
Pull some plugs out 3 letters LUG
Surpass possibly at cricket or baseball 3 letters CAP
Live in pain nominally 6 letters HUBERT
A man of conviction 3 letters LAG
Hole in the wall used by the hat check girl 5 letters HATCH
Speak of a zero charge 5 letters ORATE
The man needs 59 in spiral form 5 letters HELIX
He is as he sounds a bit unreliable! 4 letters LIAR
The easy way to play piano 4 letters SOFT

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