The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 20 2020 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword November 20 2020 Answers:

Try to get the temperature raised to the same degree 9 letters HAVEASHOT
Remain doggo and don’t reveal the truth yet 8 letters LIESTILL
Blast! It’s making the baby cry! 4 letters WIND
Spurt out when you cut gently into it 6 letters SPLASH
Is it less burdensome than a box of matches? 7 letters LIGHTER
Fruit the warder wouldn’t allow the prisoner to have? 9 letters RASPBERRY
Killed by the masseur? 9 letters RUBBEDOUT
Said Terrible racket outside with scorn 7 letters DISDAIN
Insect that won’t necessarily take to the air? 6 letters MAYFLY
Yearn to be the one in possession of the hot tip 4 letters ACHE
Had got better one learned 8 letters PICKEDUP
It’s very smart. You can’t say more than that 8 letters LASTWORD
Again having got across 4 letters OVER
Having caught and got its teeth into the robber 6 letters BANDIT
Attacks so it scuttles into the shack 7 letters HITSOUT
Possibly a fiver lost to a sweetheart long ago? 9 letters FIRSTLOVE
VIP giving one a broad grin! 9 letters BIGCHEESE
Go back into the refuge 7 letters RETREAT
It’s very wearing you say emphatically 6 letters STRESS
Is it torn from the tenant? 4 letters RENT
Is that a grandfather clock grandfather? 8 letters OLDTIMER
Not enough to implement a change of title 9 letters TOOLITTLE
Ushered outside again and it was wet 8 letters SHOWERED
They happened to get the flat way back 6 letters EVENTS
The gooseberry and peach concoction neither sent back 8 letters CHAPERON
A reliable firm 6 letters STEADY
The pensioners hector like the devil 8 letters OLDHARRY
Gracious! Is that 5 ringing? 10 letters HELLSBELLS
The light breakfast carried up does come as a surprise 7 letters STAGGER
What the highest of the high are 6 letters BLOTTO
Gosh! A hooded figure! 7 letters BROTHER
Figure the bank’s accepted the duds 6 letters BLANKS
Liking to excel 5 letters SHINE
What the kitchen cupboard reveals is a shock 3 letters MOP
The freight try to get onto the vehicle 5 letters CARGO
Change the rod 6 letters SWITCH
How the ghost appeared at the stroke of midnight? 10 letters DEADONTIME
Drunk in bed in France 3 letters LIT
Do go to class to be like all the others 7 letters CONFORM
They work in the theatre but not as strippers! 8 letters DRESSERS
Getting tight see as the best part 8 letters HIGHSPOT
One’s young days one-hundred years ago! 8 letters TWENTIES
Tries at first when one is a witness 7 letters ATTESTS
Would finding it in a pram worry you? 6 letters RATTLE
The best dressed again will be in hats 6 letters BERETS
Builds and the secret is out 6 letters ERECTS

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