The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

You might take the plunge with one 6 letters SPLASH
Great place for a holiday? 8 letters YARMOUTH
Sportingly he may take second place 6 letters OPENER
Shows appreciation of many a footnote 5 letters CLAPS
Delivered some books for our sailors 4 letters BORN
Haul around in a dance 4 letters HULA
Earn as manufacturer? 4 letters MAKE
Get free 3 letters BEG
I’m in bad with the mob! 4 letters RIOT
Box of spares? 4 letters SPAR
Where electricity is involved in a nasty death 9 letters HAMPSTEAD
Was soft on a rugby player! 4 letters WASP
They have their place on the table 4 letters MATS
Shadowy figures 3 letters DIM
In a cheap example it’s high 4 letters APEX
Throw into pits maybe 4 letters SPIT
Only half of us are able to read 4 letters SCAN
Brown the flier circling the flight centre 5 letters BEIGE
Confesses it’s mad to mess about 6 letters ADMITS
Wee drams for the kiddies 8 letters TINYTOTS
When young went in for noiseless typing 6 letters TWENTY
Execute badly 5 letters LYNCH
A three-man experiment? 5 letters TRIAL
An outstanding manager? 4 letters BOSS
Rattled with a flurry of hooks 5 letters SHOOK
Legal right to deceive the National Front 4 letters LIEN
Joint holder 6 letters SKEWER
Possibly pester to get something fixed in advance 6 letters PRESET
Pull up in the regular place 3 letters LUG
Standard Anglo Saxon soldiers 5 letters PARAS
Crazy fellows running to and fro? 7 letters BATSMEN
The Beatles’ absorbing style? 3 letters MOP
Gainsay the good 3 letters BAD
The effect on one politician of a piece of legislation? 6 letters IMPACT
Do note that it’s old-fashioned 5 letters PASSE
Non-vegetarian corn 3 letters HAM
Charge across at the end of the street! 3 letters TAX
What to open for a breath of air at the town centre 6 letters WINDOW
Like a capital double G 3 letters BIG
Pale as Patsy may be 5 letters PASTY
One giving guidance to a sanctimonious set? 5 letters PILOT
Tax exempt female? 5 letters TESSA
Put one’s name in neon perhaps? 4 letters SIGN
They insist on being themselves! 4 letters BOYS

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