The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Tangled with the boys 6 letters MATTED
More than ready 8 letters OVERRIPE
He’s defensive about the question of clean sheets 6 letters GOALIE
Soldiers’ poor return on middling investments 5 letters TROOP
Applies to fingerprints 4 letters DABS
French cape? 4 letters HORN
At midnight a person has left 4 letters GONE
One container of a number? 3 letters BOX
Land of piranhas 4 letters IRAN
Restrain a broken-hearted friend? 4 letters REIN
Hardly a home for a drifter! 9 letters HOUSEBOAT
Historically people to shun? 4 letters HUNS
The mob will go north of the border 4 letters GANG
To a leader of men possibly Mr Jones 3 letters TOM
Sort of singing to get the cats jiving? 4 letters SCAT
He nobly offers choice between pounds and old pence! 4 letters LORD
It might need timely exposure to sunlight 4 letters DIAL
The price of thoughtfulness? 5 letters PENNY
Fail foolishly to accept the current beauty treatment 6 letters FACIAL
Poet’s fondness for fine fabric 8 letters LOVELACE
Bets one accepts at one’s wits’ end? 6 letters STAKES
The way to build huts around a circle 5 letters SOUTH
Sort of sax for singer? 5 letters TENOR
Seize an item of luggage 4 letters GRIP
She’s good in an average case 5 letters MEGAN
Leaves for the mysterious East 4 letters TEAS
Is done differently by an inventor 6 letters EDISON
Order a chap to be king of the fairies! 6 letters OBERON
Pull the boat into line? 3 letters ROW
Bulb with a line on both sides! 5 letters ONION
Irish lad gone wrong 7 letters DONEGAL
Might it arise from smouldering ashes? 3 letters GAS
The part between one’s teeth? 3 letters BIT
Where the American may appear in a sari? 6 letters RUSSIA
Bird confined to earth by a wild gale? 5 letters EAGLE
Sing a Hummel piece 3 letters HUM
Take a knock 3 letters BAT
Australian town house for a titled person 6 letters HOBART
Superior naval vessel? 3 letters URN
Shouts on the phone? 5 letters CALLS
Back number possibly apt to be freely available 5 letters ONTAP
Where an eddy swirls around Flamborough Head! 5 letters DYFED
A detective inspector – also a half back? 4 letters DICK
Look sound? 4 letters PEEP

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