The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

One better able to do his job? 6 letters FITTER
Testy academic former pit worker 8 letters EXAMINER
Such tennis simply isn’t real! 4 letters LAWN
Wandered like me in a way 6 letters ROAMED
Finishes near central Ruislip 6 letters CLOSES
Put down some mousetraps 3 letters SET
Notions said wrongly to include a foregone conclusion 5 letters IDEAS
Heady items of appeal 4 letters HATS
One of those confused scraps 5 letters MELEE
Prepared a bed in the garden 5 letters RAKED
Taken down from the menu? 5 letters EATEN
To drive with it you need a car key 4 letters CARE
It’s hard to conceal love of hidden wealth 5 letters HOARD
Shoot into a container 3 letters BAG
Half the main supply system is for her! 6 letters INGRID
The majority are about half dead and pretty small 6 letters MODEST
The bookie’s chances of enrichment 4 letters ODDS
One with a consuming interest in natural species 8 letters PREDATOR
Antagonism to saints would be unnecessary! 6 letters NEEDLE
A quarter day? 6 letters FOURTH
It’s between Windsor and Eton 6 letters THAMES
Tear for the right purpose 4 letters REND
Suggested one MP was dishonest 7 letters IMPLIED
A supplier of seeds (from Siena?) 5 letters ANISE
Being overweight can mean a lot 5 letters GROSS
Latest heartless conclusion? 4 letters LAST
Being foolish we start trouble 3 letters WET
Of poetry a modern piece? 3 letters ODE
Quick to tangle with –27 5 letters EAGER
Keeps wild dogs! 5 letters PEKES
Continue working in west London 5 letters ACTON
It could be a coaster 3 letters MAT
In silence how can he make a number of points? 3 letters LEN
Dai gets mixed up with Carl the extremist 7 letters RADICAL
Demonstrate one’s humanity 3 letters ERR
A non-playing supporter of golf clubs 6 letters CADDIE
Too long to wait for a half of sausages 4 letters AGES
Note the condition of the property 6 letters ESTATE
Little beast in joint office! 5 letters HIPPO
Consent to change gear at the end of the race 5 letters AGREE
An odd rhyme for almost anyone 3 letters BOD
Either letter comes early in the day 4 letters MORN

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