The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Parts badly buckled? 5 letters STRAP
In civil law a domicile 5 letters VILLA
He’ll accomplish little with a can opener! 7 letters DOMINIC
Character dramatically awaited 5 letters GODOT
Sounds a sweetie! 5 letters TOOTS
During January pop out East 5 letters JAPAN
There’s big money in the city 7 letters CAPITAL
Donkey in the Christmas story 3 letters ASS
Employs American ways 4 letters USES
In extremes of penury lent a good deal 6 letters PLENTY
Alleviate everything for some days 5 letters ALLAY
Is out of business due to high standards 6 letters IDEALS
Perform in a fresh manner 4 letters REDO
Black salt? 3 letters TAR
Encountered wild deer in measured quantity 7 letters METERED
For many on late turn it can be heavy 5 letters METAL
Can one teach you to cook trout? 5 letters TUTOR
Playful figures in court 5 letters FIVES
Such comedians presumably will not get you rolling in the aisles! 7 letters STANDUP
A match for the Roman goddess 5 letters VESTA
Is still in the forest somewhere 5 letters RESTS
He’s had his doubts 6 letters THOMAS
A Spanish gentleman is a fine fellow 6 letters ADONIS
Shoot in the belly? 3 letters POT
In the end fail erroneously to accept a point 5 letters FINAL
Add six to the total essentially 7 letters VITALLY
Image of a counterfeit coin? 4 letters ICON
The match at Los Angeles is the final 6 letters LATEST
A jug and a can say? 5 letters JAILS
An old army measure? 5 letters CUBIT
When blue does he flag significantly? 5 letters PETER
A matter of seeing red in an orangery? 5 letters ANGER
Council in agreement on putting an end to heresy 5 letters SYNOD
Are such games typically flat? 5 letters PANEL
Where in Canada to keep an article on a chain 7 letters ALBERTA
Blue water? 6 letters DANUBE
New price noted as significant to cooks 6 letters RECIPE
Fed up with endless grub you get a beating 6 letters DEFEAT
German town showing amazing new heart! 5 letters MAINZ
Word of emphasis used by Demosthenes 4 letters MOST
Natural cover many animals need 3 letters FUR

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