The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

So then ordered to shoot immediately 9 letters ONTHESPOT
By means of which something was removed from the vehicle 9 letters EXTRACTOR
Escorted to all right 4 letters TOOK
Carrying a pie when returning and plates 6 letters STRATA
Increasing as the curtain is heralding the play’s start 7 letters GOINGUP
Too exhausted to have thrown one’s money about 9 letters OVERSPENT
Is among the speculators when the balloon goes up 9 letters THEORISES
On the carrying of guns relents 7 letters SOFTENS
Decree otherwise and I fall out with 6 letters ORDAIN
From a quick look say it’s something small and hairy 4 letters PEKE
Made the mistake of having put leeches below the heart? 9 letters BLUNDERED
Thinks it ate with the peripheral teeth 9 letters COGITATES
Requests the dope to get hold of the back end 4 letters ASKS
The first two letters by the way are for overseas 6 letters ABROAD
A hole-in-the-corner sort of singer 7 letters CROONER
Put off by the explosive device you decide 9 letters DETERMINE
Unhappy that one’s shares are lowered in value? 9 letters DEPRESSED
Burning to join the marine band 7 letters SEARING
The supposition is that they are lined with gold 6 letters THEORY
Wolf you run away from 4 letters BOLT
Frightened as we merged with the traffic 9 letters AWESTRUCK
Not being a pro getting soft with a rival 9 letters CONTENDER
With the bits left is carrying on 8 letters PORTIONS
Fluky shot that won the golfer the game? 12 letters STROKEOFLUCK
Splashes those mixing it 8 letters SPATTERS
A channel without water we’re told 6 letters STRAIT
Started out in an action role 8 letters DEPARTED
So drunk it’s amazing? 10 letters STAGGERING
Leaping about parries the swords 7 letters RAPIERS
Have beforehand to impress favourably 10 letters PREPOSSESS
Capsized: by a gust in the river 5 letters TAGUS
Be careful! That’s the boy-friend! 6 letters STEADY
A rum that has no match 3 letters ODD
Retract on having to sample food cooked from a personal recipe? 12 letters EATONESWORDS
Made a great effort and broke right in 6 letters STROVE
With the drink bite on a biscuit 10 letters BRANDYSNAP
Starting off with a clean sheet after killing? 10 letters RUBBINGOUT
Ate this fish brought round in a covering of some kind 3 letters COD
Help themselves to too much when you pass 8 letters OVERTAKE
What the matador flourishes where while leaping about 8 letters CAPERING
Flushed at the beginning a songbird 8 letters REDSTART
A performer and a first- rate performer all round 7 letters ARTISTE
Find when you make a copy of 5 letters TRACE
Soak draught of animal medicine 6 letters DRENCH

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