The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Say neither will be returning in spring 9 letters PRONOUNCE
The quirk of fate that made the bug pick you? 9 letters ILLCHANCE
They’re paid to move the junk away 4 letters CREW
Having been got at inside is defeated 6 letters BEATEN
Show I meant to have a break point 7 letters MATINEE
Does she breeze onto the stage to perform? 9 letters FANDANCER
Not prepared to put into a nicer carved receptacle 9 letters CONTAINER
It’s most sharply contested though one doesn’t win in court 7 letters CLOSEST
Believe in giving commendation 6 letters CREDIT
The bit where they split up? 4 letters PART
Silly if it’s not decimalised? 9 letters POINTLESS
The president was irritated by being introduced to 9 letters PRESENTED
Cut one noticed to a point 4 letters SAWN
Appalled to find the inside of the bag has torn 6 letters AGHAST
The female at the rear waving is a farm worker 7 letters SHEARER
Should have followed them out I reckoned 9 letters METHOUGHT
Almost almost sensible and down-to-earth! 9 letters PRACTICAL
No it’s back outside Army headquarters 7 letters STATION
Lock horns and snarl 6 letters TANGLE
Merely being fair 4 letters JUST
Wearing a shiny coat made Ellen look grotesque 9 letters ENAMELLED
A declaration of the intent to have a clear round 9 letters MANIFESTO
Is it not prescribed by a general physician? 8 letters SPECIFIC
Get within range of the TV cameras? 12 letters COMEINTOVIEW
Make your prices lower than but don’t take off enough? 8 letters UNDERCUT
He advises people to go to high ground 6 letters MENTOR
Tiptop place to build a pub in 8 letters PINNACLE
Fruit found where it’s mild in the East? 10 letters CLEMENTINE
Rabbit meat from somewhere in Kent 7 letters CHATHAM
Painted the town red on becoming famous? 10 letters CELEBRATED
Material that’s not trendy making a comeback 5 letters NINON
Say the street is up and one avoids it 6 letters AVERTS
Cut-price vegetarian food 3 letters COS
Goes on a different tack when planning the menu? 12 letters ALTERSCOURSE
Tell you again and again to get fuel 6 letters REPEAT
The previous owner of the dog was a wizard 10 letters PASTMASTER
How charmingly you proposed and were accepted? 10 letters ENGAGINGLY
Shoot for the trophy 3 letters POT
That will show just how much of a rise you’ve had 8 letters ALTITUDE
Accommodating or not accommodating the questioner 8 letters STALLING
With reference to the telling 8 letters RELATION
Stirs it back in for these reasons 7 letters MOTIVES
Rocks glimpsed among the waves! 5 letters TIARA
A chap standing beside father with a hat 6 letters PANAMA

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