The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword March 17 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword March 17 2023 Answers:

He’s telling all having had a love upset 8 letters FRANKLIN
City in which the three took time off 3 letters RIO
Returning half the silver seized and the pictures 6 letters IMAGES
Suit spring brides get a fifty per cent cut on 6 letters SPADES
Make a suet pudding again: That’s simple 7 letters AUSTERE
Hands that may be accustomed to smacks 4 letters CREW
And I take a break? I don’t I work on too 10 letters INADDITION
How speedily you demonstrated the torch was working? 8 letters INAFLASH
Accused of having got loaded 7 letters CHARGED
Prompt you to dig your finger-nails into – long 4 letters ITCH
Stupid to be so worried about you crossing the Channel 6 letters OBTUSE
Retrieving personally on regaining one’s composure 17 letters RECOVERINGONESELF
Another drink for the hunter 6 letters CHASER
Say nothing at work but tell the police 4 letters SHOP
Can I wander round the apartment officer? 7 letters CAPTAIN
Had happened to have been about to yield to temptation 8 letters BEFALLEN
Deny I’d broken the agreement incorporating it 10 letters CONTRADICT
Cutting a piece of paper 4 letters SLIP
Did they fly off with the cheese? 7 letters TITMICE
As usual a carved Roman numeral 6 letters NORMAL
Should an animal be sick will set upon it 6 letters ASSAIL
It’s senseless to put back the barrier 3 letters MAD
Grace with glee swishes the cane flourishing it 8 letters ELEGANCE
Are going to stay put in the main 10 letters DROPANCHOR
I aim to get round her 4 letters ENID
Flavouring a mince pie calls for 8 letters ALLSPICE
Are the residents wearing riding gear? 7 letters INHABIT
Forget when you no longer view? 11 letters LOSESIGHTOF
Not moving house? 10 letters FIXEDABODE
Land that came to you in the form of a present? 6 letters PARCEL
Things going wrong when one gets back? 8 letters REVERSES
Is among the last of the children to have rebelled 5 letters RISEN
Shows one the way or tells someone else to? 7 letters DIRECTS
Beat and beat it to the music 5 letters TANGO
Paid for everything one prescribed for? 7 letters TREATED
Now give it back to me 11 letters PRESENTTIME
Hardly any midgets are 10 letters VERYLITTLE
Quite a good likelihood it’s on the up and up? 10 letters FAIRCHANCE
Not noticing he’s misspelt Leeds in it 8 letters HEEDLESS
Organised as ordered 8 letters ARRANGED
Had got through to – or registered 7 letters ENTERED
Come on stage as a nobleman for the audition 6 letters APPEAR
Not a major issue 5 letters CHILD
With a gun covering the access route 4 letters ROAD

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