The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

In such a style as to lash out generously for a girl 6 letters LAVISH
Move to a lower station 8 letters WATERLOO
Being sly about me getting money is distinctly fishy! 6 letters SMELLY
Tendency for a doctor to be unusually fit 5 letters DRIFT
Half-safe ways can be expensive 4 letters FEES
He’s lordly in a real way 4 letters EARL
Saloon at the Nag’s Head possibly used for a dance 4 letters BARN
The way Poles are about to be shown 3 letters HOW
It’s the stone in a ring mate 4 letters OPAL
A bit of a cat 4 letters ATOM
Do a shifty job in poor illumination 9 letters MOONLIGHT
Italian centre of barbarians 4 letters BARI
Water in moderation 4 letters ODER
A supporter and a noisy one 3 letters FAN
Do other birds retreat from this one? 4 letters SKUA
The immortal love racket 4 letters ODIN
Length of a coffee table? 4 letters FEET
Beastly blenders of wines 5 letters SWINE
I’m in business to make a speech 6 letters TIRADE
In the country it’s no longer verbal 8 letters PASTORAL
Illustrations made with starch 6 letters CHARTS
Tangle of weeds in the vegetable garden 5 letters SWEDE
It may be moving possibly astir 5 letters STAIR
Worry about going stern-first into a waterfall 4 letters FRET
A failure as a keeper 5 letters LOSER
Contends with a number of points 4 letters VIES
New models thus produced are of rare quality 6 letters SELDOM
Household in which people grow old 6 letters MENAGE
Like beginners in cookery? 3 letters RAW
Might such a show bowl you over? 5 letters FLOOR
Disagree over some nuclear issue 7 letters FALLOUT
Forbid a bachelor to have a bit of fun 3 letters BAN
Not all photos are steamy 3 letters HOT
Well placed to distribute dope around the islands 6 letters POISED
Produce pottery of doubtful worth? 5 letters THROW
Isle of romance? 3 letters MAN
She sounds a duck 3 letters IDA
Send away for a new basin for the hotel 6 letters BANISH
Get the girl? 3 letters WIN
Something to play and doesn’t mean to lose 5 letters KEEPS
Dairy product kept by a writer 5 letters DIARY
Poor girl kept from starving by royal command 5 letters NELLY
Funny place for a blonde? 4 letters FAIR
Eats badly so as to glut 4 letters SATE

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