The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Spirit yes but not much of a chance! 5 letters GHOST
Like the look of for no plain reason 5 letters FANCY
It’s prudent to be endlessly polite I see 7 letters POLITIC
Hotel cabbage? 5 letters SAVOY
Where people finish up for assault and battery 5 letters CELLS
Five-day trials? 5 letters TESTS
The old fools made gibes about a saint 7 letters JESTERS
Thanks a lot for very little! 3 letters TAD
But commonly halved 4 letters ONLY
Sad and apt to become more so 6 letters MOROSE
Jonas maybe or David 5 letters JASON
A piano with a bell-like sound has charm 6 letters APPEAL
Nothing goes with a bit of fish like a nice dry sherry! 4 letters FINO
He’s round the bend just a shade! 3 letters HUE
It involves a big bill for fish 7 letters PELICAN
Noise from the pipes 5 letters SKIRL
Condescend to get a new post round the job centre 5 letters STOOP
Figure a complaint to be general 5 letters VAGUE
Sold a line to the ultimate buyer in private 7 letters SOLDIER
Leave art out of this special talk 5 letters ARGOT
In which to read that a setback is out of order? 5 letters TOMES
Paradise is a safe harbour out East 6 letters HEAVEN
If you want to be flashy look around for a bit of a snorter! 6 letters SPORTY
To you initially it’s not the real thing 3 letters TOY
Figures in court 5 letters FIVES
The writing of most notifications novelly 7 letters FICTION
As experts they’re well served 4 letters ACES
In most cases Maria had everything 6 letters CALLAS
Industrial experiment? 5 letters TRIAL
John upset about an article in a book 5 letters JONAH
In Oslo perhaps a ramp 5 letters SLOPE
The best piece of fiction is apt to be discussed 5 letters TOPIC
He has a fiendish way of working in a haunt of vice 5 letters DEMON
Officer on the phone for a place to stay 5 letters MOTEL
It’s a lot of money for a tar vessel 7 letters JACKPOT
Quietly mention the club 6 letters PUTTER
Marriageable character in opera 6 letters FIGARO
Motherly character 6 letters NATURE
The loftiness of Leo’s lot? 5 letters PRIDE
Doubly fair? 4 letters SOSO
Old soldier possibly barked at? 3 letters VET

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