The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Possibly blast a rock 6 letters BASALT
Space for wild rapture sweetheart! 8 letters APERTURE
Hardly rare? 6 letters SCARCE
Freely available for panto production 5 letters ONTAP
Sweet or not it can be golden 4 letters CORN
A runner up the pole? 4 letters BEAN
Pat middle-men on the head! 4 letters PATE
She upsets us at closing time 3 letters SUE
For a start a dog may be in one! 4 letters TRAP
Prod so as to make fall 4 letters DROP
Politicians’ union 9 letters COALITION
Wimbledon’s Spaniards? 4 letters DONS
Statesman who broke the Scottish heart? 4 letters TITO
Only a minority have noisy ways 3 letters FEW
A hack or policeman getting out of breath 4 letters CHOP
Walking pace 4 letters STEP
The end of certain rabbits 4 letters TAIL
Weight in carats perhaps? 5 letters STONE
Remember about a visit 6 letters RECALL
Able to read that tea can be made by the litre! 8 letters LITERATE
Does rhubarb feel so? 6 letters STICKY
Had he his own ladder? Yes and a horse! 5 letters JACOB
She’s in love – starry eyed! 5 letters VESTA
Don’t go south to finish up 4 letters STOP
To infatuate it’s best to have love within 5 letters BESOT
After starting school is able to read 4 letters SCAN
It needs nothing more than pluck to break out of prison! 6 letters LOCKUP
It’s on the cards as being merely plastic 6 letters CREDIT
Most recent part of the mine workings 3 letters NEW
To Ann he’s a changed man 5 letters ANTON
Where statesmen can work to get coal out of a mine 7 letters CAPITOL
Friend who made Palgrave less solemn? 3 letters PAL
Chap who gives prisoners heart 3 letters SON
Cars wrecked by a learner driver – the devil! 6 letters RASCAL
The seat of rule where birds are concerned? 5 letters ROOST
Subdue a female 3 letters COW
One generous in the extreme? 3 letters TIP
Hate being unfairly tested 6 letters DETEST
It could well be spent in Japan 3 letters YEN
In Caerphilly it’s not really mountainous 5 letters HILLY
Garments derived from goats 5 letters TOGAS
Great tsar’s favourite operatic piece 5 letters PETER
Powder used in dental clinics 4 letters TALC
Made sure of five out of seven 4 letters SEEN

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