The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

In fact the worst conclusion possibly hurts 6 letters TRUTHS
The remaining six balls evidently not needed 8 letters LEFTOVER
I’m in Los Angeles that great city 4 letters LIMA
Incarcerate to prevent further speeches? 6 letters SHUTUP
Punishment about it is limited 6 letters FINITE
Legendary giant mastered by his partner 3 letters GOG
In the sun perhaps they get a bit of a red back 5 letters NUDES
It flows to the southwest in a Scandinavian country 4 letters EDEN
The cat I have in court 5 letters CIVET
Support for a singer getting out of line 5 letters BASIS
Many a man’s term for a pompous little girl 5 letters MADAM
Called up some strangers 4 letters RANG
Portable seat in an American saloon 5 letters SEDAN
You won’t find him in Weatherfield 3 letters HER
As worn beneath the tree-tops? 6 letters TRUNKS
Term of address for misguided brutes? 6 letters BUSTER
Nicodemus’s birds can’t fly 4 letters EMUS
Does it grow naturally on broken-down old weirs? 8 letters WILDROSE
Thought it wrong to take time out 6 letters NOTION
Foolishly lets us fight 6 letters TUSSLE
The sea god’s possibly torn it 6 letters TRITON
It’s given open-handedly 4 letters SLAP
Discolourations we hear on the map of Surrey 7 letters STAINES
Don’t be too greedy to consume duck! 5 letters AVOID
The Tories lose nothing by such experiments 5 letters TRIES
Little support for a sportsman who’s slipping 4 letters LUGE
Victimise a vessel 3 letters MUG
Union head 3 letters NUT
Joint contribution advanced by a group 5 letters TENON
Yes Sarah has this kind of hemp 5 letters SISAL
One who goes down as a deceiver of referees? 5 letters DIVER
The ADC cannot possibly be a gentleman! 3 letters CAD
Go from a girl – Bond’s boss 3 letters VIM
The punters trust them 7 letters BANKERS
Friday perhaps 3 letters MAN
In effect a riot in Ulster 6 letters RESULT
Star-making skills 4 letters ARTS
At Gateshead the forest is of horticultural interest 6 letters GARDEN
A school with pull in the Kentish area 5 letters STOWE
Brilliantly denied 5 letters DULLY
Sing a bit of Schumann 3 letters HUM
Befallen without mishap 4 letters BEEN

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