The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Lubbers helping with the cleaning 5 letters SWABS
Bear corporal punishment 5 letters STICK
A composition from Cremona 7 letters ROMANCE
Go in for what may be graphic language 5 letters ARGOT
Romeo joins a friend at the gathering 5 letters RALLY
She can bring us a bit of heaven 5 letters VENUS
Much displeased by one form of greed 7 letters ANGERED
A number quietly on edge 3 letters LIP
That somewhat rigorous Russian! 4 letters IGOR
A movie was made out of it 6 letters AFRICA
Unsafe transport in the outskirts of Surrey 5 letters SCARY
Good place to spend half an hour amid companions 6 letters CHURCH
A brutal character therefore backward 4 letters OGRE
Part of a ship sometimes replaced 3 letters HIP
Variant of a dose that can taste salty 7 letters SEAFOOD
Plans to make millions out of sterling! 5 letters PLOTS
Condescend to keep out of the job-centre 5 letters STOOP
Australia’s koalas have good health! 5 letters SKOAL
Everything may be left to him 7 letters LEGATEE
Something pretty exciting to the cockney we hear 5 letters FRILL
Spares among the off-duty reserves? 5 letters TYRES
Sending the circuitry 6 letters WIRING
Dealer good enough to take out his heartless brother 6 letters BROKER
Is it so tip-top to be a boozer? 3 letters SOT
Revealed by the barman? 5 letters BARED
Untidy about the neck? 7 letters SCRUFFY
Take a seat for light refreshments 4 letters TEAS
That side of Glasgow with its own language? 6 letters CELTIC
Figure to draw a plant 5 letters VETCH
Would it’s last letter alone suffice? 5 letters AITCH
Rose and dressed 5 letters GOTUP
Talk is no good in oil production! 5 letters LINGO
Dad’s visibly angry when trimmed! 5 letters PARED
Sign of fresh air to the east and south 5 letters ARIES
In the theatre it’s incisive 7 letters SCALPEL
He strikes one as a forcing bat 6 letters HITTER
A high note discordant 6 letters OFFKEY
To tear madly round and round! 6 letters ROTATE
Old-fashioned engine driver 5 letters STEAM
The statistician’s daughter? 4 letters POLL
One of those court matchmakers 3 letters SET

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