The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

Depict a sinister man 7 letters PORTRAY
Don’t know where the tot’s got to 9 letters LOSECOUNT
Admit everything and cry afterwards 5 letters ALLOW
Back out lady! 5 letters NINON
Bet on and it will be slow 7 letters ANDANTE
A tear? 7 letters EYEDROP
Deduce the fire had spread round about mid-evening 5 letters INFER
To avoid a duel escaped to the East 5 letters ELUDE
Nauseates one when it goes off 5 letters TURNS
It’s lucky the animal is in that end 6 letters AMULET
Say it’s a cinch for all to hear 6 letters ASSERT
Does misuse one’s power going in to get rid of 7 letters DISPOSE
Renovation to the church Agnes works at 7 letters CHANGES
It’s bright and cold and you get up only with difficulty 6 letters CLEVER
Is no good. Refuses to act 6 letters WONTDO
Suits the patients 5 letters CASES
Name the bird Leo nothing less! 5 letters TITLE
Are from the first 5 letters EXIST
Pet with a hard master training it 7 letters HAMSTER
Open at lunch unusually 7 letters UNLATCH
The one in Greece is beyond hope 5 letters GONER
Stop say for a rest 5 letters BREAK
Cast loose in a raft-tide’s going out 9 letters SETADRIFT
Make-up mother’s used to conceal a blemish 7 letters MASCARA
Pass over the trumped-up story of the dog 6 letters COLLIE
They’ll wait until you disembark 8 letters STEWARDS
The voice is good but almost inaudible? 11 letters FAINTPRAISE
So fear not. There will be changes in a little while 9 letters SOONAFTER
Fixes while the salesman looks on 7 letters REPAIRS
Adequate grounds for becoming a philosopher 10 letters GOODREASON
Soon as there’s a vacancy a girl is sent round 4 letters ANON
Shut up at the inside: that’s clear 6 letters PATENT
As opposed to that French piece the dealer’s priced highly 7 letters ANTIQUE
Dump waste 6 letters DESERT
The instruction to be economical is falling on deaf ears 7 letters USELESS
Tear I am to mend in the clothing 7 letters RAIMENT
A little while ago they got the road in dug up 11 letters THEOTHERDAY
Now give me a little time 10 letters PRESENTDAY
Succeeding in falling while riding 9 letters COMINGOFF
Saying on turning it round it is covered in flies 7 letters STATING
Though a natural for is eliminated 6 letters CUTOUT
Answer the invitation to return 8 letters COMEBACK
Run into when you go out 6 letters STRIKE
Instrument for the one-man band that makes a squawky noise? 7 letters LEGHORN
Whose did he get incarcerated in stir wrongly? 6 letters THEIRS
Told a story to music 4 letters LIED

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