The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

The spirit with which a snap may be taken 6 letters BRANDY
Loser of a classic race 8 letters ATALANTA
Read a bit of typing but not much 6 letters SCANTY
In jazz briefly I form a trio 5 letters TRIAD
The three shot out of the way 4 letters TREY
Direction taken by an elderly character in EastEnders? 4 letters SOAP
Chaldean churchman? 4 letters DEAN
Little boy’s room 3 letters DEN
That of a square always? 4 letters AREA
Starchy ingredient of Xmas pudding 4 letters SPUD
Peevish remark I made 9 letters CROSSWORD
Surface damage caused by bad rust? 4 letters RUTS
Leander got her love 4 letters HERO
You shouldn’t be sold one pet 3 letters PUP
Play about a redhead in Helen’s place 4 letters TROY
Remain second best 4 letters STOP
Pile on to the jalopy? 4 letters HEAP
She has a certain lustre 5 letters PEARL
Answer about an offence 6 letters RETORT
By which to win at whist? 8 letters TRICKERY
Report heard at a certain level 6 letters STOREY
Bits of broken strap 5 letters PARTS
She has many a song in West Side Story 5 letters MARIA
A girl’s crazy about one 4 letters MAID
A bar’s wrecked in port 5 letters BASRA
Visiting a club? 4 letters AWAY
Girl and boy forming a sort of line 6 letters DOTTED
Examiner of dissipated crones? 6 letters CENSOR
Stick an article out of the way 3 letters ROD
An actor’s aside? 5 letters APART
Where they serve refreshments on the flight? 7 letters TEASHOP
Desire without passion nominally 3 letters DES
One also raised not to work? 3 letters DUD
In which one’s enrolled as a matter of duty 6 letters ROSTER
There’s nothing poetic about tangled ropes 5 letters PROSE
A drink to help recuperate 3 letters CUP
River bridged in Surrey 3 letters WEY
Name a Rugby Union forward 6 letters RUPERT
Informal exclamation in a business letter 3 letters COR
Resentful as the chap who’s out of the race? 5 letters RATTY
Variety of aster eaten by animals 5 letters TARES
Performs songs at the piano 5 letters PLAYS
Time for a glass? 4 letters HOUR
Choice of an epic kind 4 letters PICK

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