The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword February 3 2023 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword February 3 2023 Answers:

A complete change of opinion regarding the variety act 9 letters ABOUTTURN
Would you say talk though no parrot 8 letters WOODCHAT
Stop and bow 4 letters STEM
Fighting to get something done 6 letters ACTION
Sleeve you put your arm into 7 letters HOLSTER
The gang will hold their arranged meeting 9 letters GATHERING
A state of somnolence 9 letters LANDOFNOD
Mark brought us in to give support 7 letters SUSTAIN
The animal has a lair inside? Nonsense! 6 letters RODENT
You stand outside the hotel 4 letters THEE
Proposed to the future wife 8 letters INTENDED
What might be a warning device for the plant 8 letters HAWTHORN
Got up in pink 4 letters ROSE
Fairly? I should say so 6 letters RATHER
Goes up in the air when one discloses unexpectedly 7 letters SPRINGS
Disturbed that it’s not yet paid 9 letters UNSETTLED
Deadlock is hackneyed pal 9 letters STALEMATE
Old Fruit competed in the race in short 7 letters CURRANT
I took a tea-break at work as a palliative 6 letters OPIATE
Shy slip off 4 letters CAST
Does it moan when the gardener pulls it up? 8 letters BINDWEED
So much longer! 9 letters THEREFORE
Spend a lot of time on sea trips 8 letters PASSAGES
In consequence there’s very little time 6 letters MOMENT
An official reception means work 8 letters FUNCTION
Am first making changes to the final chapter 6 letters ENDING
Did turn the vehicle round 8 letters SWINDLED
Everything second-hand? That’s quite customary 10 letters NOTHINGNEW
The patrolling cops detained everybody at the fishmonger’s 7 letters SCALLOP
Shut up! The fellow has a gun 6 letters FASTEN
Set the bird free to irritate her 7 letters BRIDGET
Left one with nothing to read 6 letters ERASED
Goes down to see some items in the kitchen department 5 letters SINKS
Free trip going to the East 3 letters RID
The female got aboard with the flier 5 letters HERON
Fill the ward 6 letters CHARGE
A communication from the spirit world? 10 letters DEADLETTER
Question this woman we brought round 3 letters HER
Beat in the counter-revolution 7 letters TROUNCE
Was captioned one argued 8 letters HADWORDS
Frightened to open was induced to 8 letters STARTLED
In the case of the lady an unexpected death 8 letters SHEATHED
Leaves some hair 7 letters STRANDS
Variety music 6 letters STRAIN
Ill at ease throw a fit when forced to enter 6 letters SHIFTY
An endless labyrinth over large river 6 letters AMAZON

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