The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Anticipated the warning and was turning 7 letters FORESAW
How you find yourself in the bankruptcy court? Not at all! 9 letters BYNOMEANS
Call by telephone from where you’re staying 5 letters HOTEL
Plants one sees in the book spelled phonetically 5 letters REEDS
The old lady you bet will be going to the party 7 letters DOWAGER
He’s left to take back six in the vehicle 7 letters MARXIST
Gather the bread goes into it 5 letters PURSE
How many about will be in the case 5 letters THREE
Lay sad and miserable 5 letters DIRGE
Get the boat to float in 6 letters OBTAIN
Piled it on when he did an impression 6 letters HEAPED
Show the lady is playing the piano inside 7 letters DISPLAY
Flavouring also I understand goes into it 7 letters ANISEED
The result of crossing a pig with a doe? 6 letters PIEDOG
Fill up the ward 6 letters CHARGE
Actors the second act’s revolving round 5 letters CASTS
What the payments would be on a hundred boxes 5 letters RATES
Plenty of drink the member interposed 5 letters AMPLE
Pay to have a meal with wine 7 letters SUPPORT
The coupon’s got a bit torn 7 letters SOUPCON
In real trouble the time afterwards 5 letters LATER
Yours is the one going in to be repaired then 5 letters THINE
Pull in you say and put it back 9 letters REINSTATE
In following home he’s done wrongly 7 letters VILLAIN
Mooch about while he shoots 6 letters POTTER
Sense in a similar way that you’re in the mood for 8 letters FEELLIKE
To take you beyond your destination is to overdo it 11 letters CARRYTOOFAR
It shows the pupils are in need of a rest 9 letters EYESTRAIN
With hooligans had a fight and doesn’t survive it 7 letters ROWDIES
Would it not be an open and shut case without him? 10 letters KEYWITNESS
Catch the sun and keep complaining about it 4 letters SNAG
Am accommodated in an outhouse and humiliated 6 letters SHAMED
Foolishly pester one during the break 7 letters RESPITE
With that the working week comes to a close chum! 6 letters FRIEND
About to give to the newspapers hold back 7 letters REPRESS
I myself harangue about the clothing 7 letters RAIMENT
Don’t try hard enough because stressed? 11 letters UNDERSTRAIN
Why the boxer was easily beaten? 10 letters POORSECOND
Potato (a lot mashed) and a sausage 9 letters CHIPOLATA
Picks up where one stops 7 letters ARRESTS
Got the record back by a trick you read 6 letters PERUSE
To put the finishing touch having money left to 8 letters CAPITALL
It’s easy to see who’s taking the chair 6 letters SITTER
To a degree the agent works for the tycoon 7 letters MAGNATE
The source of the outfit I put on outside 6 letters ORIGIN

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