The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword August 5 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword August 5 2022 Answers:

Document that has to do with land 8 letters CONTRACT
He has a belief beef should be totally eliminated 3 letters ALI
Years after I am showing the pictures 6 letters IMAGES
Are embarrassed all round when it’s brought up 6 letters REARED
Forced from that the previous wife had been on the stage 7 letters EXACTED
Concludes they’re what one’s aiming for 4 letters ENDS
Understood it’s not done to jump on the bed 10 letters COTTONEDON
Forced us to change our ways 8 letters REROUTED
I make the mistake of taking tea round to the entertainer 7 letters PIERROT
Strike back at the friends 4 letters SLAP
Including it in the tax shows a lack of seriousness 6 letters LEVITY
Tipping the fielder so he’ll drop the catches? 17 letters GREASINGTHEPALMOF
Surname of the critic who says everything’s awful? 6 letters SLATER
Give to a crew member 4 letters HAND
The weapons are a knock out sire! 7 letters RAPIERS
Risqué? Wrong! 8 letters IMPROPER
Scaring off the burglars at the lunatic asylum? 10 letters BARKINGMAD
Have a hunch from experience 4 letters FEEL
The performances as before or in a different scene 7 letters ENCORES
Ships the man an artist back 6 letters ARMADA
Pop the loose tees inside with the coin 6 letters PESETA
See for myself so to speak 3 letters EYE
Having broken the limit Brown taken in is aggressive 8 letters MILITANT
Do being worried for a start have an intuition 10 letters FOREBODING
It’s pouring rain when you wake up 4 letters STIR
Dance with an admirer and prepare to leave with 8 letters FANDANGO
Goes to a dentist awful that I have left 7 letters ATTENDS
Looking presentable? 11 letters GIFTWRAPPED
A nice all red ensemble for the poor neglected girl 10 letters CINDERELLA
With a little gulp swallowing a tea cake 6 letters GATEAU
Very tired though it’s late be at 8 letters DEADBEAT
On the other hand it is a profit 5 letters AGAIN
High ground the tern has flown to from the flood 7 letters TORRENT
Returning with a woman: fifty olive-skinned and brown-eyed? 5 letters LATIN
How the siren’s accompanying herself on the piano? 7 letters VAMPING
Just what you’d expect of an actor when performing 11 letters INCHARACTER
What the mineralogists are fighting over? 10 letters SCRAPMETAL
Sending on with the purpose of staving off 10 letters FORWARDING
How Jack walked? 8 letters LUMBERED
Friendly and pleasant caught entering 8 letters AMICABLE
Suppose you do have the temerity to? 7 letters PRESUME
Will it make the poor swimmer’s hair curl? 6 letters ROLLER
Go rudely in uninvited to the boat 5 letters BARGE

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