The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Slogs wildly but not without polish 5 letters GLOSS
Nautical chairman? 5 letters BOSUN
Captured tank perhaps out East 5 letters TAKEN
Write a splendid piece for the piano 3 letters PEN
Value of an order 5 letters MERIT
Force to be a soldier? 7 letters DRAGOON
Let’s copy the foreigners! 5 letters LETTS
Fellow of 50 nowadays 3 letters LAD
Veteran actor; corny but possibly athletic 6 letters OLDHAM
To us Rosie getting upset is no laughing matter 7 letters SERIOUS
They’re of one accord 4 letters AYES
A hitch not mentioned 4 letters KNOT
Sound replacement 7 letters DUBBING
High price of devious arson on the fifth of November 6 letters RANSOM
A corps or unit 3 letters ARE
It can spoil satin 5 letters STAIN
Mistakenly calls the operator for something to eat 7 letters SCALLOP
Reversible vessel 5 letters KAYAK
Record many a bad score 3 letters LOG
Sleeveless garment permitted to a soldier 5 letters GILET
It takes money to feed one 5 letters METER
Points out a line on the map of France 5 letters SEINE
Old Bill an artist is a bit of a nut 5 letters COPRA
Swiss psychologist joining the French in wild places 7 letters JUNGLES
Legal right that heartens foreigners 4 letters LIEN
In the film world merely ordinary pictures 6 letters STILLS
Sad about half the team being overfed! 5 letters SATED
Triangular part of a model tank 5 letters DELTA
Large area you can only half search? 3 letters SEA
Mum’s out to do wrong I see but not a lot 7 letters MODICUM
A duck has a right to be feathered! 3 letters OAR
The object of a rough night? 5 letters THING
Metal worker not necessarily black 5 letters SMITH
Australian term for a dislocated spine? 7 letters OUTBACK
Couples with quiet manners 5 letters PAIRS
Medicinal plant taken for Neptunian ends in salt water 5 letters SENNA
As court painter could he ring the monarch? 7 letters KNELLER
Give a name to a blend of tea 6 letters DONATE
Chap brought up in the heart of Paris 3 letters IRA
There’s room for the cat to stray out of it anew 5 letters ATTIC
Bill can get a kiss out of Elsie initially 5 letters SIKES
He’s jolly bony! 5 letters ROGER
Cut an article in three ways 4 letters SAWN
A fortune in clothing 3 letters LOT

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