The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Deviant dramas in India 6 letters MADRAS
Are such monks apt to catch things? 8 letters TRAPPIST
James one Mr Hendrix 4 letters JIMI
See a failure more intimately 6 letters CLOSER
Not much like Bo-Peep? 6 letters LITTLE
Ink manufacturing family 3 letters KIN
Like the accent of an apprentice at the Space Administration 5 letters NASAL
Still in the seventies 4 letters EVEN
A missable muppet? 5 letters PIGGY
Speak about a devout heart somewhere in France 5 letters SAVOY
Character worth waiting for? 5 letters GODOT
A choice of letters is the usual thing 4 letters NORM
Enough recordings to fill a book? 5 letters ALBUM
A girl to hang on to? 3 letters PEG
Dad gets Enid upset and hurt 6 letters PAINED
A well-known flower fertiliser 6 letters POLLEN
In church is it partly collapsed? 4 letters APSE
Has he the initial right to be leading possibly? 8 letters REGINALD
Unmarried? That’s the ticket! 6 letters SINGLE
Brawny figure to think contemplatively about 6 letters MUSCLE
Dietically it helps in raising the sugar level 6 letters RAISIN
Move around in prison 4 letters STIR
Feeling bouncy because the winter’s over? 7 letters SPRINGY
Makes money for suckers? 5 letters MINTS
A hard place to drive in the outskirts of Southall 5 letters STEEL
A good-hearted bit of fun 4 letters JOKE
The ladies bring a good deal of woe to them 3 letters MEN
The river around Torquay? 3 letters TAY
Dead right perhaps but not yet 5 letters LATER
In sport it may well be a little bit off course 5 letters DIVOT
A team not so posh as Palace? 5 letters VILLA
One for writing notes home? 3 letters PAD
Took a turn on Tuesday 3 letters GOT
Anybody without a name 7 letters SOMEONE
Bad sort of runner but possibly starting a race! 3 letters GUN
Hero who partly disarmed possessed unique vision 6 letters NELSON
Look round at an exceptional leg? 4 letters OGLE
Get on a horse held by me 6 letters MANAGE
Separate ‘pop-up’ pictures etc. 5 letters APART
Robin Goodfellow’s game 5 letters BINGO
Go with a bang 3 letters POP
Cricketing members need more than one ’19 Down’! 4 letters PADS

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