The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

An element of law enforcement 6 letters COPPER
At the driving place all alcohol free 8 letters TEETOTAL
Studies noted duets possibly 6 letters ETUDES
Figure a hush to be something you can hear! 5 letters CLASH
Said to be a sale of cloth 4 letters SAIL
A Scot may have one hanging around 4 letters KILT
Mickey’s companion an alien 4 letters FINN
Ask earnestly to be good 3 letters BEG
Full of excitement like in the past Gateshead 4 letters AGOG
Read a bit of scandal 4 letters SCAN
Colourful thing to wear around town 9 letters GREENBELT
Ardent even after a weekend 4 letters KEEN
The flying game? 4 letters SOLO
A clever chap takes whiskey with it 3 letters WIT
City with a Tory disaster 4 letters TROY
Timothy has the right to be tidy 4 letters TRIM
Tailless aircraft still on the drawing board? 4 letters PLAN
The part one hears amiss? 5 letters SHARE
Animals possibly a long time in espionage 6 letters PONIES
Fabulous wife but she just had to run away with a writer! 8 letters PENELOPE
Provides meals as support for actors 6 letters BOARDS
Keep at it and your dog will fetch it! 5 letters STICK
Rose’s favourite boy? 5 letters PETAL
There’s no silence while you’re eating it 4 letters NOSH
Washed down with a bit of ale in a can? 5 letters CLEAN
Name a friend out of turn 4 letters PAUL
One with twenty-two legs? 6 letters ELEVEN
May be silent but it looks good 6 letters TINSEL
Say the wrong thing 3 letters LIE
Are on the street if you look 5 letters STARE
Makes one’s mark as a newcomer 7 letters SIGNSON
Someone to fight for the key to the office 3 letters FOE
Flier possibly hung up 3 letters BAT
Has it a slow wriggle? 6 letters GENTLE
Stuff that means a lot in church? 5 letters CLOTH
Some strange things to come down with 3 letters GET
He’s young to go around being bossy! 3 letters BOY
As worn by some Eskimo? No! 6 letters KIMONO
Yes right guv! 3 letters SIR
Speaks harshly of making a pass at a redhead 5 letters RASPS
To get ahead the dirty fellow will betray! 5 letters RATON
It measures nothing less than a shooting star! 5 letters METER
Seaside structure ripe for redevelopment 4 letters PIER
The ship would cast off 4 letters SHED

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