The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Could I be described as efficient and pleasant? 7 letters AMIABLE
Not fighting growing old 9 letters GETTINGON
A chap in kilts at the racecourse 5 letters ASCOT
A bad shot? Wrong! 5 letters AMISS
Go off in step anyhow and march 7 letters PROTEST
Am exercising the rheumaticky dog 7 letters MASTIFF
Write to the church for money 5 letters PENCE
Say yes the time has come round again for it 5 letters AGREE
Active as a swindler? 5 letters DOING
Be miffed when the quarters get let out 6 letters RESENT
Hint it could be rabbit fur 6 letters TIPPET
Left to the one that’s getting on a bit 7 letters PORTION
Foolishly I name a cathedral city 7 letters INANELY
Stand on the journey back just the same 6 letters TRIPOD
Understand and obey the instructions 6 letters FOLLOW
A light meal is laid out at midnight 5 letters GLEAM
Have some of the drink I’d brought back first 5 letters DIGIN
Is sorry about the number of regulations 5 letters RULES
Flew as he had across in 7 letters HOVERED
Caught by the rain knocked outside 7 letters TRAPPED
The fellow in the white hat I put in is the boss 5 letters CHIEF
With which one buys something bought for a song? 5 letters NOTES
A letter from an amusing person 9 letters CHARACTER
Bother the worried butler about nothing 7 letters TROUBLE
Savours of craft 6 letters SMACKS
Coin you don’t see because you’re short-sighted? 8 letters FARTHING
Couldn’t remember after being brain-washed? 11 letters CLEANFORGOT
Working out as one wanders into the arena 9 letters REASONING
Someone staying in Cork? 7 letters STOPPER
Going the rounds one after the other 10 letters INROTATION
Got up in pink 4 letters ROSE
The protege accepted me and started to like me better 6 letters WARMED
Arrange to get a disguise as spies do 7 letters DISPOSE
Into test-playing again in a way 6 letters STREET
Beat as before and drive back 7 letters REPULSE
I call round on in the evening 7 letters IRONING
Recognise by silhouette and realise what’s right to do 11 letters KNOWTHEFORM
Didn’t side with anybody – didn’t join in at all 10 letters TOOKNOPART
Picked up is calm 9 letters COLLECTED
In cracked ice keep supple 7 letters ELASTIC
So far the man has taken tea out 6 letters TODATE
Renouncing and devoting oneself entirely to 8 letters GIVINGUP
The retiring editor enters very unassuming 6 letters MODEST
Forecast that pride will take a fall at court 7 letters PREDICT
Noise that will tell you there’s a baby about 6 letters RATTLE
Want very much to get round the hard master 4 letters ACHE

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