The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Evening Standard’s Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Can it also kill asparagus? 5 letters SPEAR
A quick wash 5 letters RINSE
Put it under your pillow 7 letters BOLSTER
Wallop Charlie the oaf! 5 letters CLOUT
In food processing a large crusher 5 letters MOLAR
Some of the dole money grows on a tree! 5 letters LEMON
A fault that makes me tired 7 letters DEMERIT
Retirement place? 3 letters BED
In the finish I get the girl 4 letters ENID
A hooker at sea perhaps 6 letters ANGLER
It counts against one 5 letters DEBIT
They stop big-headed libertines 6 letters BRAKES
Letter or article by the one-time Ms Lynch 4 letters BETA
That’s right the old South 3 letters YES
Quite happy with a rented piano 7 letters PLEASED
Love to work in a unit 5 letters ADORE
Holy man always honest about finishing work 5 letters FAKIR
Name the Italian in the SAS 5 letters SILAS
Gives a fellow a change of seat 7 letters DONATES
Exorbitant and hard to get over? 5 letters STEEP
A civic leader could use this to make notes 5 letters CHITS
Trouble in the air for hay fever sufferers 6 letters POLLEN
Reviled in notes about us 6 letters ABUSED
Brotherly tosh? 3 letters ROT
Land area larger when finally reduced! 5 letters ISLET
Rise to the situation when you fall off a horse 7 letters REMOUNT
A one-man club! 4 letters IRON
River with waterfowl and some geese 6 letters SWANEE
Punishment can be poetry! 5 letters LINES
Classic American bowler 5 letters DERBY
A lot possibly said for a king 5 letters MIDAS
Squanders money at Chelsea 5 letters BLUES
Absolutely outright fear 5 letters DREAD
I’ll be heard in church! 5 letters AISLE
Waterfall with nosy associations 7 letters DEWDROP
During the break dad gets a meal 6 letters REPAST
Dismiss with a curt exclamation about wicked sin 6 letters BANISH
One with an occupation 6 letters TENANT
A prom perhaps with a certain blend of players 5 letters PROAM
General secretary 4 letters AIDE
Like some of the house claret? 3 letters SEC

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